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Wouter Maas

Specialist in Early Modern Italian and Dutch Art

Wouter Maas - Art Historian

Art Historian: Wouter Maas

Wouter Maas (MA)

Wouter Maas is an Art Historian with a Research Master's degree in Art History from Amsterdam's University.


Wouter often visited castles and museums in his youth but only started pursuing his career as an Art Historian after several years of training to be a medical doctor. Living and studying in Maastricht, he visited world-renowned The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF), where his heart was won over to the arts.


His specialisation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italian and Dutch paintings inform how he approaches contemporary art analysis at the Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. 



Wouter Maas has been writing for Gallery Sorelle Sciarone since March 2020. His flowing descriptions of paintings is informative, extensive and soothing. Wouter writes in Dutch for the gallery. His love for the arts flows through his sentences, and each piece is highly engaging and informative. We have greatly benefitted from his expertise in approaching subjects.




His work at the gallery is essential for three reasons.



 Blind art lovers can have the description read aloud for them. Thus allowing them to interact with a visual medium they might not have had access to. Wouter's prose and flow of his descriptions paint the painting in words. 



 Ongoing interaction with art and paintings. Written contemporary verbalising of a usually silent thought or private conversation when looking at art, something that is usually not available. 



Tedious, but critical SEO Google algorithm reasons. Which is important for a gallery relying on online presence in this time.

Future plans

Wouter Maas is an engaging and passionate art historian, who has the ability to educate, as well as to entertain. His goals are to become a museum curator, within his speciality of Late Midevil and Early Modern Italian and Dutch Art.


Wouter will be editor of the gallery catalogue of Gallery Sorelle Sciarone, as well as curating another  exhibition at the gallery in 2021.

Curated Exhibitions

Left Behind: A Monograph of Landscapes

Solo Exhibition: Marko Klomp a monograph curated by Art Historian Wouter Maas.

Marko Klomp has the ability to capture the essence of our time. Each painting made by his hands is a soft poetic gaze at life. This exhibition focusses on the landscapes painted by Marko Klomp. Each painting is either painfully poetic or transportation to light-hearted release. His work's beauty is how effortlessly it manages to transcend immediate intentions to capture the current zeitgeist visually. The Art Historian Wouter Maas curated Marko's monograph of Landscapes for Gallery Sorelle Sciarone.

Articles written for Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

Articles are written in Dutch by Wouter Maas and translated by Tascha Sciarone into English. To serve a wide audience within the Netherlands and abroad.

Loving Art During a Pandemic

We asked the Art Historian Wouter Maas to reflect on how his art interactions have changed during the ongoing Pandemic. Wouter Maas started describing the art at the Gallery Sorelle Sciarone in March 2020.


Due to the many restrictions this last year, Wouter has not had the chance to see any of the paintings at the gallery in person, which everyone is looking at art in museums and clients buying art online. Being trained as an Art Historian, Wouter and Tascha have all been harped about the importance of seeing art and architecture in real life. Wouter reflects on the changes in the museum art world during the quarantine. A picture does not do justice to art at all. Yet our world is mostly digital. Wouter reflects on art during quarantine in a digital world.

Wouter wrote this in his native Dutch, and it has been translated to English by Tascha Sciarone. The original Dutch version was sent to our colleagues at kunstgalerie-info to be published on their site.

Abstract Paintings

Wouter Maas is a classically schooled Art Historian who specialises in Early Modern and Classical Art. This means his focus is on art from a few hundred years ago. Abstract Art, on the other hand, is about a hundred years old. We asked him to write about Abstract Art. Enjoy the article written by Wouter Maas as he takes us on a journey to discover abstract art and its history through one immersing themselves in this genre for the first time. We recommend getting a nice hot drink and getting comfortable, as Wouter writes poetically and his writing fully immerses the joy in his writing.


Landscape Painting is one of the most loved paintings to look at and buy. In the Netherlands, we have a long tradition of landscape painting. We asked the art historian Wouter Maas to tell us more about Landscape painting. Wouter is an art historian who specialized in early Modern art history. He takes us on an enchanting journey through time and explains the development of Landscapes painting in Europe.

Art Work Analysis for Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

Other: Kunstmeisjes

Since Wouter Maas started working for Kunstmeisjes, an exhibition review platform and book by Art Historians. He had been going to exhibitions when restrictions allow.



You can read more of Wouter's thoughts on art and exhibitions at Kunstmeisjes in Dutch.


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