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Paintings by Denise van der Burgh

Denise van der Burgh is the  accomplished contemporary oil painter from Voorschoten, The Netherlands. Denise is a Dutch artist that is inspired by colour and weaves a narrative into her surreal oil paintings—sometimes exploring a country, a thought, social issue or history by combining language, colour and details into her paintings.
Her oil paintings are painstakingly made with vibrant colours. It takes about three months for her to finish a painting. The surface of each painting is delicately layered with expert brushstrokes to create the beautiful images you see here below. Denise's is a contemporary artist that we had the luck to represent to you here at the gallery. The works of Denise are ideal for a stylish office interior. Katwijk municipality already has one of her works hanging.

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About the paintings by Denise 

Denise van der Burgh is an oil painter who is genuinely interested in the visible world around us but chooses to interpret it in a personal way. All her paintings are figurative, but they often show situations that are not probable, although they are not impossible. There is always the suggestion that something is happening, which often gives my paintings a surreal, narrative character. All of Denise's art has a vibrant colour in common. She uses oil paint exclusively with a masterful technique. All her work is energetic, and they range from portraying life, social issues and surreal narratives.


Her themes are severe but also playful, and she likes to combine objects that at first sight, might not make sense together. For Denise, plants and animals are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Maybe the most characteristic trait of her work is the need to use colour. She muses that monochrome paintings can be interesting to look at but to create a painting is about using a lot of colours.


Denise says she feels like she is on an adventure when she is painting. She begins with an object or colour that speaks to her and then continues creating the right composition, feeling and colour use. Together all these elements create an associative narrative for the viewer. The quality of her technique and colour use eases one into the comfort of your association when viewing her work.

Denise paints in the style of the Old Masters, from the Dutch Golden Age. Denise has excellent admiration for painters who display artisanal expertise. She continues to learn from them. She studied Art History at The University of Leiden after she retired from being a contract lawyer.


The earliest example of her love for colour is the delightful painting of Engelse Drop from 1988.  Engelse Drop is the Dutch name for liquorice allsorts. 

Denise is very active in Voorschoten when it comes to art and architecture.

Here you can read an interview about Denise as a board member of Kunstkring Vlietstreek.

Art Collections

Denise's work has been collected by public art collectors in The Netherlands.

Recent Art Exhibitions


  • Solo Exhibition: Companionship in a State of Suspension. Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. Online Exclusive (2 September 2020 - 28 October 2020).



  • Group Exhibition: Vijftig tinten Rood, Museum Voorschoten, Voorschoten.
  • Solo Exhibition: "Gekleurd Verhaal" , Municipality of Katwijk, Koningin Julianalaan 3, Katwijk.