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Puzzlestukken | Denise van der Burgh | Surreal Painting

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Puzzlestukken | Denise van der Burgh | Surreal Painting

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  • Contemporary artist: Denise van der Burgh
  • Title Artwork: Puzzlestukken
  • Year: 1994
  • Technique: Oil on Panel
  • Style: Landscape Painting, Surreal Painting
  • Size: 60cm x 50cm 
  • €1800,-

Puzzlestukken | Denise van der Burgh | Surreal Painting

In this painting, we see some puzzle pieces flying in the sky on top of a vast desert. They seem to be floating in the middle of nowhere. There is no origin and no destination. Above the dunes is the pure blue sky. In the distance, there are some sandpiles in between the sky and the land.


On top of the painting is a smooth blue colour with some white colour blending inside, then gradually, the artist uses purple and red as the shadow colour to depict the piles further away and the shades on the puzzle pieces. The colour of the desert is painted in brown and yellow. The lines and the contrast between the two colours constitute the main structure on the dunes. The light side of the puzzle pieces are white, the light source is from the left downside, behind the observation spot and directly reflect on the main object - puzzles.


This composition creates an illusory, mysterious atmosphere. The puzzle game is one of the earliest challenges we have in our lives. Many situations require logic and ingenuity to solve the puzzle throughout life. It represents partial knowledge and integration. The artist, Denise van der Burge, used it to reflect on human wisdom and culture as puzzle pieces floating in the unknown and the emptiness, no beginning and no end.


This painting will make you think about the deep questions rooted in our life. It’s suitable for library, office and anywhere that you like to contemplate.

The Painting is described by contemporary artist Chloe Xu for Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

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