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Impression of Tuscany | Monique Leliefeld | Landscape Painting

  • Contemporary artist: Monique Leliefeld
  • Title Artwork: Impression of Tuscany
  • Year: 2017
  • Technique: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Style: Figurative Painting Framed by a painted Canvas
  • Size: 50cm x 50cm
  • Unframed
  • €1.500,00

Impression of Tuscany | Monique Leliefeld | Landscape Painting

The impression of Tuscany is a beautiful spin on a well known Tuscan art trope. The painting of a Tuscan Villa is framed by a larger painting. The frame is dappled burnt sienna or terra Rossa, a brown that is red and also associated with the Renaissance and the city Siena. Siena is a city in Tuscany Italy. Inside the eathly pigmented and textured frame, we see the serene skies of Tuscany in the top two-thirds of the painting. A lovely villa in between the trees on top of a hill breaks the skyline and a winding path slopes to the villa. In the bottom right and left corner the burnt sienna of the frame spill over into the smaller art piece as organic foliage.

This work by Leliefeld is a bit different than her usual work in execution and framing but is a serene landscape in a surprisingly unusual setting. 

What makes this piece so strong is this unusual spin on a serene landscape, but also Leliefeld's characteristic of capturing emotion. Anyone who has ever driven these winding Tuscan roads is immediately transported back in memory to the beautiful days spent there.

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