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Pavón | Denise van der Burgh | Oil on Canvas

Pavón | Denise van der Burgh | Narrative Painting

  • Contemporary artist: Denise van der Burgh
  • Title Artwork: Pavón
  • Year: 2016
  • Technique: Oil on Canvas
  • Style: Landscape Painting, Narrative Painting
  • Size: 60cm x 50cm 
  • €2.500,-
  • Framed: Wooden Floater Frame painted black and gold

Pavón | Denise van der Burgh | Oil on Canvas

Pávon is french for Peacock. In this painting, we see a male peacock, with his tail feathers together and not cocked in its full splendour, which lends to the serene presence of this painting. The peacock is walking on a tiled floor in the dappled shade of a nearby tree. There is foilage contained in mosaic or painted tiles. 
We see the plants and other foliage in the lower right corner in the foreground and on the top third of the painting in the background. 
The more one looks at the painting and the name; the more one is transported into a cool garden somewhere in the warm climates of Morocco. The garden-style is reminiscent of what one will find in a riad (Arabic: رياض ) which is a type of traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden. 

The use of the French word for peacock reminds the viewer of the significant French presence in Morocco in the last century. The name of the painting, the language used and the colours all bind together in a narrative that transports the viewer in time and place. 

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