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Uitjes | Denise van der Burgh | Oil on Panel

  • Contemporary artist: Denise van der Burgh
  • Title Artwork: Onions 
  • Year: 2003
  • Technique: Oil on Panel
  • Style: Still-life Painting
  • Size: 25cm x 40cm 
  • €1.450,-
  • Framed


Oil painting by contemporary artist Denise van der Burgh

What are you seeing in the painting?

In this painting, we see three small onions in the centre of the view. They are on the board in a row, the left two are yellow, and the right one is red, sliced in half. Their shadows are behind them, project a dark shade on the wall. We can tell that the light comes from the left side, fall on the surface of the onions. The onions are painted in great detail: the small texture on the roots and the skin; the different colours in the light reflection; the curvy tassel on the top and bottom... The wall and board texture show the small scratches, along with the strokes, build up a tranquil scene in the kitchen’s corner.


The colour in the painting

The colour choice of the three onions is realistic. The left two onions are yellow, with some brown and orange strokes on it, and the right onion is in red and purple, just like the onions we see in real life. The board is in the dark blue, and the wall is in a light greyish blue, with some yellow strokes on it. The blue and greyish tone gives a nostalgic atmosphere to the painting, and it provides some space for the audience to imagine the story behind. Since the background is not as detailed as the main objects, the three onions get more visual focus.


Depth of the painting

Like most of Dennis’s artworks, this painting has a delightful atmosphere in the composition. The three onions have different figures stand in their own posture, the middle one is rounder than others, and the right one is slim. There is a good sense of humour in it - although they stay together, each onion is different, and we are living in the world with both similarity and variety. 


More about contemporary Dutch oil painter: Denise van der Burgh

Dennis van der Burgh is a Dutch artist who paints in a realistic and surrealistic style. Inspired by the Dutch masters, she paints the objects from real life and adds a lot of life to them. The objects in her painting interplay with similar companions. In this painting, the three onions interact. In Ballonnen there are varying hot air balloons and Zeestarren there are five seastars. Every subject of a painting interacts with a companion. Each companion is - different colours a bit different, some are calmer, some are more active. There is also a connection between each object. The movement and the expressions are either similar or complementary. It's always important to make the composition in harmony so that each element looks integrated into the frame, as one whole piece. Moreover, Dennis has a very exquisite perspective when she paints the still-life, she set the small object as the main character.


This painting in your life

The three lovely onions are a reminder of delicious food, hence lift your mood when you look at them. Onion is one of the most common and delicious flavourings in cuisine, and it will add some pleasant smell to your food. This painting will be suitable for kitchen, nursing home, restaurant, even vintage stores. Hopefully, this painting also adds more pleasure to your life, boost your appetite and health. It’s also a perfect gift for people who work in the catering industry, or for the elders who cooks the most delicious food in the house.


The painting is described by artist Chloe X XU. Chloe writes for us at the Gallery and developes exhibitions.

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