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Nicole Sciarone (1991) is a research based visual artist, moderator, and event organiser.

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Nicole Sciarone and her Art

Nicole Sciarone (1991) is a research based visual artist, moderator, and event organiser.

Her mediums range from painting, textile, photography, installation to (art) writing, and often combining them.

She received her MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Edinburgh College of Art by combining photographs of subtle, seemingly banal, photographs of her childhood home in South Africa with personal narrative to questions effects of diaspora, imperialism, colonialism, and Apartheid in contemporary South Africa. She received her BA in Autonomous Practice from Willem deKooning with the project ‘The Cold Detachment of the Familiar’ - exploring displacement and idealising home. 


Her work revolves around her long-term research project of photographs of her childhood home in South Africa, which has now been demolished. She uses the extensive archive material as a jumping point. She goes through the archives and selects works and incorporate them into artworks. The photo archive and events from our past are fixed, but the way we interpret them differs as we grow and change. The photos or events do not change, but the way we look at them do as time passes. Skewing memories as they are viewed through different lenses. Which allows one to mourn, relive, rejoice, or ground oneself.


Nicoles is the organiser and host of Garage Cafe as well as interviews artists for CBK regularly. A platform for artist to present their work to an engaged audience.


More recently she has been exploring different modes of (self) portraits either through ableism lens or through (self) isolation lens; through objects working with egg tempera, embroidery acrylic and occasional text.

Recent Art Exhibtions


  • Solo Show: The Nature of Loss, Hortus Botanicus, Delft. The Netherlands. (August- September)
  • Group Exhibition: 





Art Collections

Nicole Sciarone's artwork has been bought by art collectors from The Netherlands.

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