2019 and earlier

2017 - a false start

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone was ready to sign a five-year rental agreement to a 100m2 space in Voorschoten in 2017 but found out before signing that she was pregnant after a year of struggling to get pregnant. She already had three artists lined up for solo exhibitions. However, it was decided to put the gallery on hold while pregnant because galleries take a long time to become financially viable (5-8 years). The seed money for the gallery could rather be spent on her young family. During the following two years, Art Historian Tascha Sciarone split her time as a mother and museum volunteer, consultant and interim gallery manager in Amsterdam while pregnant and taking care of her young children. Tascha Sciarone spoke to several hundred artists who went to dozens of independent art events throughout The Netherlands.


After a short period of working for another gallery in Amsterdam, early 2019, Tascha Sciarone took the final leap in March 2019 to just start her gallery, even though having a physical gallery space was not feasible as a mother of her very young children. It was decided that the gallery would be Art Fair based due to Tascha Sciarone's previous experiences as a gallery assistant and working in auction houses.


2019 consisted of many hours in studio visits (often with a toddler or two in tow) and behind the computer to do the extensive administrative work of cataloguing and organising artists and artwork at the gallery (180-200 pieces). Each painting was also lovingly described in 250-400 words. All the artwork was photographed and catalogued as well as several pop-up exhibitions were organised. After three months, grants were asked to attend international art fairs. After several months we were ready to participate in our first art fair in Hong Kong. Now three years later, it's not as a painful memory as the first experience at an independent art gallery at an Art Fair. The rightful protests against the one nation-state in China and the end of democracy created a rocky start for the gallery. Planning to return to Hong Kong in the spring of 2020 was cut down by the beginning of the global pandemic.


Gallery Sorelle Sciarone mainly sold paintings online to French, Swiss, Italian and Belgian collectors. A few outliers to the USA, Japan, Greece and the UK.