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Marko Klomp is a Dutch painter and Poet who creates ‘soft focus’ oil paintings that create a dreamlike state in all his paintings. Only from afar can you contemplate his work, moving in closer does not allow for clarity, rather you lose focus of the painting subject. Owning a painting by Marko Klomp brings a soothing contemplative charm to your interior. 

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Landscapes with Wildlife

Figurative Paintings

After much deliberation and outreach, by collectors we have adjusted the prices of Marko's figurative artworks. 

About the paintings of Marko Klomp

Marko Klomp (1979) is a painter and a poet, based in The Hague. His work interweaves these two components into a dreamlike poetic state. Apart from the work we have available at the gallery, he writes poems that can accompany the paintings he makes. These poems are also available as standalone poetry book. The poems are in Dutch, but his artwork is universal.

His style is a distinctive ‘soft focus’ that creates ambiguity, poetry and a dreamlike state in all his work. Not just because you saw him paint on national television or win numerous prizes. You can recognize his work immediately. No matter the theme, his signature 'Soft focus' in his paintings is very memorable. The oil paintings are hyper realistic work, seemingly distorted by a lens of an unfocused camera, but it is the hand of the artist.

His memorable style and beautiful renditions of the world makes Marko's paintings wonderfully sensual and beautiful. The soft-focus style of the paintings allows for the mood of the viewer, room or light to impact the mood of the painting. In a warm sunny room, the painting has an entirely different feel to it, than the same painting on a rainy day. Or in a neutral room, the painting might have a positive or negative meaning to different viewers. This soft focus allows for the viewer to pour themselves into the narrative of the painting. Which is a fascinating effect, one painting is several thousand other paintings, depending who is looking at it and where the painting is situated. His paintings are truly remarkable in this aspect. 


Marko Klomp is and always has been a professional artist from the start of his career. He studied fine art at St Joost in Breda since his graduation in 1998. Since then, Klomp has been steadily making and selling art for more than 20 years. In this time he also has multiple media appearances as an expert painter. Marko just needs to look out of the window of his studio and is immediately pressed to capture every moment. He says "for art is all-embracing'. His desire to pursue this passion in life is continuous. Klomp loves the way art opens my artistic eyes as the birth of a butterfly. Cheerful or sad.

This ambiguity between different emotions is also felt in his work. Each of his work can open your eyes to the feeling the viewer is currently harbouring. Looking at his work attunes you to your own feelings. His work is neither cheerful or sad outright, it depends on the mood of the viewer and the sphere of the room which emotion is prevalent in the painting. Seeing his work is seeing yourself.


Sold Paintings by Marko Klomp

"Left Behind I' (2019). Marko Klomp. Oil on Linen. 120 cm x 100cm.

"Left Behind IV' (2019). Marko Klomp. Oil on Linen. 100 cm x 120cm.

"Left Behind VIII' (2019). Marko Klomp. Oil on Linen. 80cm x 100cm.

"Morning Breaks' (2017). Marko Klomp. Oil on Linen. 100 cm x 80cm.

Recent Art Exhibitions by Marko Klomp


Solo exhibition: Perseverance, Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. Gouda, The Netherlands (May)

Group Exhibition: Voorjaarssalon, Pulchri Studio. The Hague, The Netherlands

Art Fair: Art Laren. Laren, The Netherlands (June)


Solo exhibition: Left Behind, Gallery Sorelle Sciarone, Voorschoten

Art Fair: Art Laren. Laren, The Netherlands (September)


  • Group Exhibition: Najaarsalon 2020, Pulchri Studio, The Hague
  • Group Exhibition: Voorjaarssalon 2020, Pulchri Studio, The Hague


  • Group exhibition: Van Wassenaar tot Rio, Galerie Éphémère, Wassenaar (curated by galleryowner Mr. Drs. J. Jansen)

  • Solo exhibition: Auditoria,  Galerie 'De Ruimte', Geldrop

  • Group exhibition:Marietta's geheim, Pulchri-studio, The Hague (in hounour of Frans de Leef)



  • November: Exhibition ‘Cantima’. Marcello’s Den Haag.

  • June: Marko Klomp is 'artist of the month' June 2018 by Stichting Beeldende Kunst Voorburg.



  • 22 February - 19 March: Exhibition 'REVISITED'. Pulchri-studio, The Hague.

  • December: Marko Klomp, together with Jeroen Krabbé and Charles Esche (director of the Abbe Museum) jury for the art competition 'Picasso' for television series Avro/Tros 'Krabbé zoekt Picasso'.


  • 7 April - 1 May: Exhibtion Pulchri-studio, The Hague.


For more information on Marko Klomp as a poet and other exhibitions and media appearances visit Marko Klomp's website.

Art Collection

Marko has been collected by private art collectors in Canada and The Netherlands and most recently a South African collector. 

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