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The Faces Behind the Gallery

Welcome to the people behind the scenes at the gallery. Aside from the fantastic art and talented artist with their dedicated pages, there are multiple people behind Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. Each one of us is dedicated to making art accessible.

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone was conceived in 2018 and started in 2019 with Tascha Sciarone, the Art Historian at the helm. Tascha runs the gallery. Nicole Sciarone is her sister and is not formally associated with the gallery. However, she is a great help when it comes to bouncing ideas off of. Nicole is an Artist and Art Theorist.

In 2020, artist Chloe Xu and Art Historian Wouter Maas started analysing art and developing exhibitions. They do so remotely and intermittently, due to COVID-19 and the gallery still primarily being online.

Tascha Sciarone - Gallery Manager

You can read more about Tascha by clicking on her picture or here.

Tascha is a classically trained Art Historian that branched out into business, pedagogy, anthropology, law and development during her time at Leiden University. She combines all these formal studies in developing Gallery Sorelle Sciarone.
Tascha needs a lot to hold her attention, and luckily that is one of the great markers of art. The ability to continuously engage the viewer.
She always loved working in auction houses, and managing a gallery has the same high-highs and intricate balancing act that works with having a family.

Nicole Sciarone - Art Theorist 

Unofficial advisor to Tascha at the Gallery, but an official younger sister. She has spent significant time listening and weighing in on the development of the Gallery.
Nicole Sciarone is an Artist, Art Theorist and Artist Panel Moderator.
She studied Art at Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Contemporary Art Theory at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. She is in no way compensated or affiliated with the final decisions at the Gallery. Nicole places heavy emphasis on her integrity and autonomy as an artist and art theorist.

She is critical and has a very sharp mind. And that is what we would like to recognize by adding her to this page.

Nicole Sciarone moderating an artist panel in 2017

Art Professionals

Wouter Maas and Chloe X Xu both analyse paintings and write about art for Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. They came on board in March 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 quarantine in The Netherlands. Both have done an exceptional job at describing paintings at the gallery. Which also makes paintings and art history accessible to a wider public. The analysis of each painting focusses on subject, composition, colour and overal tone. 

These two remarkable people are two out of seven applicants, we accepted, that have been able to vividly and coherently describe and analyse paintings at the gallery. Which makes art more accessible even to the blind community. We will be working with them in a freelance capacity.

Chloe X Xu - Artist

Art Analysis | Exhibition Maker

Chloe is a mixed media artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She has two degrees, one for filmstudies from Beijing Film Acadamy, China as well as Mixed Media Art from the Piet Zwart Institute (Master Programme of the Willem de Kooning Art Academy).

Chloe has a sweet way of describing the paintings. Her words paint every painting anew.

You can read more about Chloe by clicking on her picture or here.

She has a dedicated website to her art and other works. 

Wouter Maas - Art Historian

Art Analysis | Art Accessibility 

Wouter is an Art Historian based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has a Master in Art History from Amsterdam University. Wouter first studied to become a doctor but has dedicated himself to the arts. He describes the art at the gallery through his specialist lense of late Medieval and Early Modern Art Historian. He is also an active member in several social movement projects.


You can read more about Wouter by clicking on his picture or here.


Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We love hearing from everyone. Please tell your friends and family about us, if you enjoyed looking at the art or reading about the artist, gallery or art world. Tascha Sciarone is here to answer all your questions!