Contemporary Artists

Adéle du Plessis

Adele du Plessis makes paintings and sculptures. Her paintings style is inspired by art history or small moments of life painted on top of a thickly textured background.


Fiona J. Williams

Fiona J. Williams is a contemporary British painter. Best known for her portraits that exude energy from a still sitter. Elciting questions of identity and and the human condition.

Who's that girl? (It's in the Eyes) Detail | Fiona J. Williams 

Negar Rashidi

Negar Rashidi is a mixed media artist that combines Dutch and Iranese artistic practices in uniquely contemporary Baroque artworks. She combines the inherent baroque elements of (oyster) shells with her delicate miniature technique painted in Delft blue. 

Marko Klomp

Marko Klomp is a poet and painter, who makes delicately layered `soft focus' oil paintings. His current series reflects on the Zeitgeist of the early twentyfirst century.


Thea van Doorn

Thea van Doorn is an illustrator that creates monumental paintings in the style of her sketches. Her work often includes dogs and moments of social engagements

Artist at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone 

Welcome to the artist page of Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. We are a joyous contemporary art gallery that has curated these fantastic artists and a selection of their artwork to exhibit at the gallery and art fairs worldwide.


We have a large variety of painting from these artists in style, subject, and medium. Every painting at the gallery is an original, high-quality piece of contemporary art. The quality of the paintings is on par with any museum of modern art.  Each painting is hand-painted by artists with years of experience. Our artists have been painting for years and have built a distinct fantastic style. Some artists have been exhibiting for decades, and some have only started publicly showing their work.


Please enjoy the selection of artwork we have curated for their colour, style, composition, theme and technical excellence. We have chosen every painting for the simple experience of joy in every work. Here is the link to our selection procedure and our mission if you would further like to understand how we select and curate artists at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone.


Improve your home or even office and be inspired. 


Buying a painting online

Tascha Sciarone, an art historian, has chosen every painting. We include a gallery certificate for each artwork sold. Art Historians from all over the world curate in-depth exhibitions of the paintings, and there is a new show every month at the gallery in Gouda (Lange Tiendeweg 68, 2801KK Gouda, The Netherlands).


All the paintings are for sale and can be safely bought through your preferred payment method. Our payment options support Credit Card, Paypal, bank transfers or iDeal. We are dedicated to ensuring your privacy preferences. You are also welcome to pay by pin or cash (under €5.000,00) at the gallery in Gouda or our regular attendance at Art Fairs throughout Europe.


If you want to see an artwork in real life, you are welcome to contact us and schedule a meeting at the Gallery in Gouda. Or you can come by any time on a Friday or Saturday.