Colourfully Geometric


Gemma Jonker

Colourfully Geometric Exhibition 3 February - 18 March 2020

Colourfully Geometric is an exhibition of geometric landscape and nature paintings by the titular contemporary artist Gemma Jonker. Gemma Jonker is a Dutch artist and this exhibition: Colourfully Geometric celebrates eight years of geometric nature created by the very talented Gemma Jonker.

Ootmarsum - 2014 - Gemma Jonker - Acrylic on Canvasboard - 30cm x 40 cm

Ootmarsum - 2014 - Gemma Jonker - Acrylic on Canvasboard - 30cm x 40 cm

The Signatures of Gemma Jonker

For more than 8 years Gemma has gone into the European country side and her studio and created these amazingly colourful landscapes. These seven art works have been selected as we are fascinated by colour and nature here at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. Gemma's landscapes have captured our hope, optimism and nature in her work. She has since moved on to pure abstract work since 2016, (something you will be seeing at a later stage in the gallery). Gallery Sorelle Sciarone selected these art works out of her ouevre as they will immediately brighten any room in your house or office. 

This cheerfully geometric landscapes is especially poignant at the end of a winter here in The Netherlands. These works are uplifting and bright. They bring joy and a merry charm to any room, or even your computer or mobile screen. Please enjoy!

Landscape Paintings. The Netherlands, two from Germany and France.

Colour your life Happy!

Why does Gemma's landscape and nature paintings bring so much joy? It has to do with two things, simplified objects and her colour use. Actually at the heart of all Gemma's landscapes are the combination two things, like the combination of warm and cool colours, abstract with realism, lines with softer contours. All these elements are exaggerated and combined to create nature in a way that brings a lot of cheer and joy of nature. We are often used to seeing nature in a more  realistic and I daresay austere and traditional, such as horticultural sketches or other landscapes paintings and photography.


We have broken down some of her colour use in her paintings so you know how these paintings will affect your home and office (and maybe your mood).


We see these colours back in Gemma's landscapes. 


Most of Gemma's work is dominantly blue and green in this selection of her art work. Green is an  earthy tone that is a stress reliever. Looking at nature and walking in nature is one of the best stress relievers, and that has a lot to do with the colour green and the wavelength of the colour spectrum. Green is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy. This evocation of the colour also is imbeud with the meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. 



Is a resting and calm colour it is a very popular color, possibly because of the positive affects on the mind and the body. The rest and calm it creates in its coolness, allows for deeper thinking. 

Too much blue can shift into feelings of apathy, pessimism, or separation from others. All Gemma's work makes use of this interplay of cool and warm colours. Balancing blues with a warmer colours makes art work good for all spaces in the home or office.


This color boosts social connection, vivid orange stimulates you to enjoy deeper, longer, joyous conversations. Gemma combines orange into her landscapes, a colour we usually see at sunrise or sunset, but the hills are more alive coloured in orange in her landscapes.


This sunny color is a  mood brighteners, and there are many shades of yellow soft enough for an entire room. Yellow is a warm and activating colour. This means it stimulates our bodies and moods in a more postive and active frame. 


While this color is a tad bright for most rooms, fuchsia is an accent colour and found in bits and pieces in some of Gemma's work, Paradijs 2010 is the exception and makes use of a lot of red, oranges and pinks. This colour in art work is an excellent choice to include this accent colour into your home and make have it make an impact.

You can by a landscape painting here!

This exhibition is held in AREA071, in Leiderdorp. The art work is set up in the halls of a large communal office space. Hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs are housed in the vast network of office space. Even though we are an online art gallery, we believe in showing our artist in all possible realms of the world.