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About the Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

Do you want to hang a real painting in your house? We can help you with selecting the best painting for your home! At Gallery Sorelle Sciarone, we are passionate about bringing real art into peoples homes. We have selected a variation of beautiful and meaningful art for you! 


We are an online Gallery that aims to bring the talented work of amazing artists to a large public. Everyone deserves a beautifully made painting in their house.

We bring our talented artist to the wider European and Asian households.

Our focus at the moment is on artists in the region of Voorschoten (where we are based), Wassenaar, Leiden, Den Haag, Delft and Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Secondary, we aim to represent female artist of 50 years or older, who have either always created art or have only just been able to focus on their artistic career. I am inspired by my mother, an artist who has always painted but has not had the time to focus on her career, as she was the mother of six children. Now that they are grown, she has more time to spend on her artistic pursuits, this gallery wants to represent female artists and give them to the world.

The quality of the artwork by our artists is stunning our only role is to find them and present them to the world.


Art and History

On a larger scale, during my study to become an Art Historian at Leiden University, many pensioners were studying art as a second degree after a lifetime of being a doctor or lawyer. Almost everyone professed a love that they were not allowed to pursuit when they were younger. Men were hammered to find a well-paying job, to support their families, as sole breadwinners and women stayed at home to raise the children. Now they are part of the art world, that has drastically changed these last years. We aim to bridge this gap.

This gallery is also aimed at inter-sectional equality/feminism. We want to provide a platform for talented individuals to exhibit and sell their art. We are starting with privileged individuals, who have had secondary education or ability to study with artists. Hopefully, with our initial successes, we will be able to build out to a wider representation and mentorship in the gallery.



Gallery Sorelle Sciarone now and in the future

For now we are an online gallery, aiming to open a brick-and-mortar gallery in 2022 after attending the art fairs with our roster of talented artist.

We are all about paintings!

A small selection of paintings available at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. Please use the button to go to the complete curated collection available.

Reading Material

We write about art, collecting and presenting art weekly here. We post on Instagram and Linkedin.


Use our #gallerysorellesciarone or #sorellesciarone to find us or tag us.


Interior Design

Our primary focus is on art for the home, but we often collaborate with interior designers or office furnishes to deliver art suited for public spaces. We have a wide network of artist in the region and can help find a matching artist.

We have worked together with the following industries

Corporate Offices

Health Care Institutes





The gallery is managed by Tascha

Tascha Sciarone manages Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. She has a master in Arts & Culture from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. Click on her picture for more information.