About the Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

How it started

Why are there so many exceptional painters but not receiving the recognition they deserve? Why is art so expensive?
As an Art Historian, Tascha often sees thousands of paintings, famous and new, every day. A prestigious art fairs, however, she keeps on seeing the same thing. Very few women, while in her village and her life, she meets exceptional artists and painters regularly? She also sees a lot of terrible paintings; she does not consider art. Yet why are these excellent paintings thrown together with art that still needed to be refined?


Tascha started Gallery Sorelle Sciarone to represent all the amazing artists she has met. Starting small, she emailed all the artists in her village to send her their art. She evaluated a few thousand artworks. She turned 15 artists away for every artist she met up with within her town and the surrounding area. After that, she ended with the initial six artists: Adéle du Plessis, Gemma Jonker, Els Kampert, Marko Klomp and Monique Leliefeld.

Since then, she still scouts artists deliberately, and every month another 50 artists from all over the world contacted her, seeking gallery representation. Since the initial six artists from 2019, she has only considered two more artists. Jeanette Olyhoek and Fiona J. Williams. Thea van Doorn was recommended in 2020, and in 2021 the gallery had the pleasure of starting a working relationship with Negar Rashidi, Yvette van den Boogaard and Mathea Boogert. Showcasing these talented artist in Gouda.

How we set about to solve this

Now five years later, we know art is expensive, because it can take collectors seconds or years before they will buy a painting. We also know there is no rhyme or reason behind someone falling in love with a painting. 

We know so many women are not represented, because they do not have support from the own interpersonal relationships that fosters their career advancements. On top of structural exclusion.


The last four years we have showcased more than 200 paintings from a select range of accomplished painters, put them in globally well received exhibition, visited multiple art fairs in the world, opened and closed a physical gallery space and sold paintings ranging from €250,- to €17.000,- worldwide.


Collectors love the gallery, because we are here to bring you contemplative, evocative art that is not only beautiful in your house or office, but facilitates thought provoking conversation, contemplative meditation and art that acts as a springboard to more meaningful human relationships.

Ongoing succes

In 2019, the Gallery only sold three paintings. A little bit disheartening, but in 2020, the Gallery sold sixteen paintings, even though there was a pandemic and all the planned art fairs were closed. Now fourteen does not sound like a lot, but most small and starting galleries expect to sell seven to fourteen paintings a year without going to an art fair. It takes decades to become a gallery that sells 56 paintings a year by just being open.
The choice of being online only until 2022 saved us a whole lot of pain during the ongoing epidemic. Our online presence is strong and attracting curious first-time collectors. The Gallery is a year and a half old and going more robust than we anticipated, despite the hardship of the year. With collectors mainly from France and Belgium.


Early 2020 Tascha Sciarone, met gallery owner Mariella van der Net from Domo Eclectica, and they have been fostering a working relationship between their galleries. Gallery Sorelle Sciarone and Domo Eclectica have been proudly open in Gouda on the Lange Tiendeweg 68, 2801KK Since December 2021.


After almost over a year of collaboration in Gouda, Mariella and Tascha decided to part ways end July 2022. 

The gallery will return to office spaces in Leiden and will be by appointment only. 


In tandem, the very talented Art Historian Wouter Maas has been overseeing and editing the exhibitions to be presented in book form.

Our Mission

Art and History

On a larger scale, during Tascha Sciarone study to become an Art Historian at Leiden University, many pensioners studied art as a second degree after a lifetime of being a doctor or lawyer. Almost everyone professed a love that they were not allowed to pursuit when they were younger. Men were hammered to find a well-paying job, to support their families, as sole breadwinners and women stayed at home to raise the children. Now they are part of the art world, which has drastically changed these last years. We aim at the gallery to add our expertise to this movement.

This gallery is also aimed at inter-sectional equality/feminism. We want to provide a platform for talented individuals to exhibit and sell their art. We are starting with privileged individuals who have had secondary education or the ability to study with artists. Hopefully, we will build out a more comprehensive representation and mentorship in the gallery with our initial successes.

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone now and in the future

We started as an online gallery and fair based gallery, aiming to open a brick-and-mortar gallery in 2022. Which we did in December 2021 in Gouda on the Lange Tiendeweg 68, 2801KK. However, from September 2022 the gallery will return to an industrial office space and be by appointment only in Leiden

Our collectors prefer individual attention, that is not possible in a shop setting where we sometimes can have up to 40 collectors, artists and visitors all clamouring for different, but undivided attention in the same 20 minutes of the week. Through appointments we can space people and attend to people individually, and better manage expectations and needs. Art is a deep and profound moment of contact.

We are all about paintings!

A small selection of paintings available at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. Please use the button to go to the complete curated collection available.

Reading Material

We write about art, collecting and artist here. We post on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.


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Interior Design

Our primary focus is on art for the home, but we often collaborate with interior designers or office furnishes to deliver art suited for public spaces. We have a wide network of artist in the region and can help find a matching artist.

We have worked together with the following industries

Corporate Offices

Health Care Institutes





The gallery is managed by Tascha Sciarone

Tascha Sciarone manages Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. She has a master in Arts & Culture from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. Click on her picture for more information.