Exhibitions 2020

In 2020 Gallery Sorelle Sciarone hosted a mix of online exclusive and in-person exhibitions. In 2019 we were still focused on finding, vetting and cataloguing artist for the gallery. Like a toddler, we were stumbling in our first steps in putting down exhibitions in 2019. In 2020, we learned to walk curating exhibitions and shows, and 2021 will be the year we run. Here are the exhibitions from 2020.

Exhibitions from 2020 in overview

Fluid Sculptures

- Els Kampert

This solo exhibition started in December 2019 and carried to January 2020. This exhibition is from before we wrote down how we selected works, why we selected works and the show's overall foundation.
In short, we chose all the blue artwork from her 200+ ouevre. Why? No other reason than Tascha Sciarone (the curator) liked the colour and had been instrumental in creating the theme for another exhibition at a museum regarding the colour green earlier in 2019. The presentation was also mainly for photo documentation for an interior stylist that wanted to use Els's huge ouevre to decorate a newly built hotel in Germany. During our period of cataloguing art and writing the artist biographies, this exhibition was still analysing their styles and making the artwork accessible to collectors.

Colourfully Geometric

- Gemma Jonker

Colourfully Geometric was almost at a close when Lockdown was enforced in The Netherlands. The artwork was rehung in an office for the period, instead of the halls, it was initially exhibited. Although Gemma had become much more abstract in recent years, her cheerful and semi-abstracted landscapes were what initially attracted us. The exhibition is a selection of her landscapes made over a period of eight years.

Drawn at Home

- Adéle du Plessis

This exhibition came one Sunday, as we were trying to figure out how to combine the pop-up exhibition location with Lockdown. Adéle had made a series of artwork based on drawings she had made during the firs Lockdown in The Netherlands.

Companionship in a State of Suspension

- Denise van der Burgh

Denise van der Burgh's semi surrealistic paintings took a few weeks to process. Once you took the time to fall down the proverbial rabbit hole of each of her work, it became apparent how rich and exiting her oil paintings are. This would also be the first exhibition curated by someone other than Tascha Sciarone. Curator Chloe Xu analysed Denise van der Burgh's work and reflected that each subject in the artwork is often related to a similar object in the painting. From this core idea, came to the final exhibition.

Humans in their Most Vulnerable Form

- Fiona J. Williams

2020 ended with the spectacular exhibition of Fiona J. Williams portraits curated by Emi Eleode.

Fiona's sketches had been a long source of excitement on the gallery's Instagram feed. We contacted her earlier the year if she ever decided to paint that we would love to do a solo exhibition with her. It turned out that she had been fully committed to painting since 2018. Curator Emi Eleode was asked to curate this exhibition, as both were London based. Tascha Sciarone had been an avid reader of Emi's art articles, and to our great delight, we were also introduced to her amazing Instagram ArtHistoryTalks.