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Contacting us as an Artist

Artists Submissions

Dear lovely creator, 


Thank you for considering us as a space to showcase your art. 


Thank you so much for contacting us through the website, we appreciate you respecting our boundaries. We have had to become harsher, to the point of being rude to artists that decide to come over to the gallery at the most inconvenient time, demanding an audience right there and then. 


Before you submit your art, make sure read our criteria.

2022. No new artist. 

We will have an open call in December 2022. Right now, we have a very long list of potential artists. However, our plans for 2022 and 2023 are already made. There is space for up 20 artist in the gallery, but we will slowly build that up the next several years.


Non-artistic criteria that are non-negotiable at this moment.


The Netherlands (preferably South Hollan)



Paintings or wall art only


8-15 Cohesive Paintings

We want to assess your oeuvre of work, and we have realised it puts a lot of stress on artists with only three artworks to paint for the remaining show. Every artist has backed out too close to the intended exhibition date, regardless of how far ahead in time they insisted they could or wanted to paint another few paintings.



And then finally, Tascha or one of the curators associated with the gallery should be excited to work with your art. We will be working countless hours closely studying your work. If there is no click, the text will lacklustre, those hours will feel like years. The paintings will not sell and everyone will lose out in the end. 


Let us be invested in an artist that excites us and inspire us. It is never personal if there is no connection. Like a relationship, you need someone to love you for you, not force a spark where there is none.

Criteria at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

We look for painters, painting paintings. We deal solely in painted art work.

Our criteria thereafter pertains to technical dimensions of an art work and qualitative use of technique compositions and materials by the artists. 

All inclusion inherently excludes. We are not a gate keeper to the art world, we merely swim in the larger art world that exists and have to demarcate a part of the ocean, lest we drown. The art is judged according to the following criteria that is informed by best practice, technical knowledge, academic training and personal intuition.


These criteria demarcate the art world, as we understand art at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone.

Please use the button below to read our criteria.

Our mission at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

We are an online Gallery that aim to bridge the gap between artist and a wider public.

Our focus at the moment is on artist in the region of Voorschoten (where we are based), Wassenaar, Leiden, Den Haag, Delft and Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Secondary, we mostly represent female artist of 50 years or older, who have either always created art, or have only just been able to focus on their artistic career. I am inspired by my mother, an artist who has always painted, but has not had the time to focus on her career, as she was the mother of six children. Now that they are grown, she has more time to spend on her artistic pursuits, this gallery wants to represent female artists and give them to the world.



The quality of the artwork by our artists, is stunning our only role is to find them and present them to the world.

Please read the res of our mission, using the link below.

Selling your art

Are we a good fit for you?


Does our artist and curators match your art?


Please think about this before submitting your creations to us.

This is not to deter you, shop around for a gallery, that is in line with your own personal view of art. That way you will be best represented and have fewer rejections. Finding a gallery is not a numbers game, but rather finding your niche in the industry and people who will support you. 


Also remember, our hobbies are not less valid, just because they do not fit a capitalistic frame work. You do not need to earn from your hobby for it to be valid or good. And even if you are a dedicated artist and your creations are not your hobby, creating art is a beautiful thing.


Also many artist no longer need galleries to find lovers of their art. 


Now, if you are determined, please submit your work. DM me on Instagram or mail me. I usually reply on Wednesdays to your email. I always need three art works to judge the quality and remember to ask me what you need of me. To represent you, give feedback or refer you to another gallery. Do not just Follow me on IG in the hopes of discovery or just say hi. Please keep this in mind in your submission.




Tascha Sciarone

Art Historian and Gallery Manager

Not scary or a gatekeeper,

just another human being

living their life.

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