Payment Options

Safe Payment Options

At Gallery Sorelle Sciarone we want to ensure you have the best and safest payment option available for all our customers. We have a selection of accredited national and international payment options when purchasing a painting at the Gallery. All of these options ensure you are able to safely purchase and eventually if need be return a painting bought at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. Some of these options are new, like Apple Pay, Klarna or Paypal, and others are better known, such as paying with your Visa or Mastercard. Here is an overview of payment options supported on our website at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone.

 8 Types of payment options

1. iDEAL 

Ideal Payments is a payment option that has been available in The Netherlands since 2005. This option allows you to pay  for your painting through your own banks app or website. It is a direct payment option.

2. Paypal 

Paypal is a third party payment option. This option allows you to keep your own banking information safe during online transactions. Paypal also offers a lot of purchasing guarantees as part of their service. This option makes it easier to pay for a painting online and guarantees the safety of your money during a return process. Paypal even goes as far as to pay for the return shipping of a product. See their terms and conditions.


3. Klarna

Klarna is a Swedish invoice payment provider. They have several payment solutions. Direct payment, Pay later or Slice it. Klarna foots the entire bill as you pay of the cost of your painting. Klarna does not ask interest on these payments. This is a smart way to buy a big expensive item like a painting. After purchasing a painting through Klarna, you log into your personal Klarna space and ask to pay the price of the painting over a few payments. This slice it option for large purchases, can be restricted if you have never used Klarna or have had a history of late or no payments.

4. Apple Pay

You need to have an apple account to be able to use Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a contactless payment technology for Apple devices. This way you can make purchases through your Apple phone or Apple watch with the built in security features of your apple product. It is a swift payment option.


5. Mastercard

You can pay using your Mastercard Credit Card. Gallery Sorelle Sciarone has an SSL certificate that encrypts and keeps all information safe. A SSL-certificate ensures no information can be hacked during the process.



You can pay using your Visa Credit Card. Gallery Sorelle Sciarone has an SSL certificate that encrypts and keeps all information safe. A SSL-certificate ensures no information can be hacked during the process.


SEPA Transfer

SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. It is a format that allows for cross-border euro (EUR) bank transfers. SEPA aims to make cross-border EUR transfers within this area equivalent to a domestic transfer within your own country.


ING Home’Pay

ING Home Payments, is a payment option, especially for Belgium collectors. It is a safe payment method for Belgium collectors and is a combination of an IDEAL payment and a Credit Card Payment.

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone on other platforms.

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone is an online gallery specialised in selling paintings. We have several online and in person partnerships in Europe and The Netherlands. Here are some of our partners that we work together with.


Gallery Sorelle Sciarone also sells art through our partnership with Artsper. Artsper is a French online art platform that works together with galleries worldwide to promote artist. Most of our art work can be found on their website. Artsper offers a safe payment option and is a third party mediator for collectors and galleries. is the biggest online webstore of The Netherlands  (and Belgium). It is like Amazon, but local to The Netherlands. They are also a third party mediator that offers safe payment options. We have a few of our paintings on their digital marketplace.

Art Fairs

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone also goes to art fairs, where you can purchase a painting by one of our artists at the fair or online to be delivered to you. If you would like to buy a painting in person at an art fair, please feel free to contact us for free fair tickets. A complete list of art fairs for 2020 will be published once there is more certainty amid the current Corona crisis. Fairs in March through to May 2020 seem to be off the planning. 

We are currently in the process of applying to 

Fine Art and Antique Naarden in September 2020

Art The Hague in October 2020

Instagram and Facebook

We are working on making it possible to sell the paintings from the online gallery available on Instagram Shopping. Follow us on Instagram.