Gemma Jonker

Gemma Jonker is a painter that also makes collages, aquarelles and pen drawings. We are delving deeper into the art Gemma makes.

Hortus Botanicus Detail an acrylic diptych by Gemma Jonker

What is her style?

Colour always interplays with geometric and figurative style.

Her Hortus Botanicus piece one is acutely aware of the Interplay between geometric and organic figurative art and the colours used in the different styles. Most art work interplays with something in or outside the art work. A painting with a sculpture, lines of a field with lines of houses, colour with organic compositions.

At Gallery Sorelle Sciarone we mainly have her landscape paintings and Hortus Botanicus, which is a key piece in her ouevre.


Franse Landschap by Gemma Jonker

Why is her style special

Gemma marries colour, geometry and nature in a light and tangible way. Her pieces are colourful and playful, but steeped in a dedicated art practice. She often paints en plein air, which means she paints her landscapes out in nature and not just in her studio. We see European landscapes united in colour and geometry through Gemma's art practice.

Acrylic painting "Dorp bij Brug" by Gemma Jonker

Acrylic painting "Dorp bij Brug" by Gemma Jonker

What are her qualifications as an artist?

Studied art at the Koniinklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst (KABK/Royal Acadamy of Visual Arts) in The Hague. With a focus on model drawings, art history and design of fashion and textile patterns.

After her time at the KABK she continued her art studies in the path of the Old Dutch Masters in drawing.

For many years Gemma has painted landscapes and travelled around The Netherlands and Europe for her en plein air  paintings. Often this with a group of other artists, especially when travelling to Germany or France.

Acrylic Painting "Ootmarsum" by Gemma Jonker

What does art mean to Gemma?

In her own words, translated by us from Dutch to English: "Art means everything to me. I could not fathom a life without the fascination and wonder for the arts. Most of my time is spent painting, alone or with others. I am constantly visiting exhibitions and meeting other artists. I also love the theater, especially ballet." For Gemma is as she lives and breathes.

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