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Tascha Sciarone

Art is an overarching theme in Tascha's academic and social life. 

About Tascha Sciarone - the galerie manager

As the eldest of six daughter Tascha was born and raised in Gauteng, South Africa, by an artist mother and accountant/entrepreneur father. Her grandfather also spent a significant amount in mentoring his grandchildren in all he had learned with running and owning several succesful businesses parallel with each other. One of which was in advertising. She takes all this to her formal education.That makes starting and running a gallery a logical outcome. While it was a logical turn, it took a few years of training, assessing life goals, and building the necessary toolkit to take on this role with confidence.
Personality graph Tascha and Gallery Sorelle Scairone

Formative years

Art has always been part of her life, through her mothers passion and her mothers friends; the painters, the sculptors, the film directors. This upbringing cemented the idea that art should be part of everyone daily life, financially, mentally and also passively. Which means art should just be. Be part of your day, your home, your thoughts, your breaks and sometimes, just sometimes part of your conversation and intellectual though process. Art can frame your world or create beauty and dimension in the world we live in. Art can give a voice to a known unknown and representation of complicated identities and emotions.
This vision is not unique, but was further embedded in her understanding when she studied Art History at Leiden University.

Formal Education

Tascha chose not to pursue making art, but studied Art History and Anthropology at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands. She also has a minor in Business Studies, and International Law, as well as having followed an interdisciplinary Honours traject in Art and Pedagogy. She has published several book pertaining to the complicated post colonial museum landscape of South Africa as well as African lives in Renaissance Europe. Tascha has worked in art auction houses, galleries and museums, before writing during her maternity leave and managing (interim) gallery in Amsterdam. She now lives and works in the idyllic village of Voorschoten. Where she runs  Gallery Sorelle from her home office. As well as volunteers at Museum Voorschoten.

Future plans

Tascha currently works part time on the gallery. She combines the gallery with raising her two young sons. In 2022 she hopes to open a physical gallery space in the Schoolstraat in Voorschoten. Her youngest will be in school by then and the Gallery will be three years old. Gallery Sorelle Sciarone can then join the Dutch Gallery Association.


When there is a physical gallery space, Tascha hopes to employ and develop young art historians and curators together with the burgeoning art scene in Voorschoten. Voorschoten has so many talented artist, many of whom are female artist over the age of 60 population. A famously underdeveloped and underappreciated artist demographic that deserves a dedicated spot light and gallery.

Our gallery aims to become a leader in the art world in developing female artists careers. Especially those in our own demographic region. Our gallery is geographically bound with Voorschoten and the cultural network of the sister Sciarone.

Tascha Sciarone - Photograph Nicole Sciarone

Tascha Sciarone, Art Historian and Gallery Manager bij Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. Photo: Nicole Sciarone (2019).

Her heart beats faster for the beauty of a thunderstorm viewed over the South African veld. Tascha loves nature, but also what humans hearts and hands can create.

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Tascha outside the Gallery

Museum Voorschoten

Lecture co-ordinator at Museum Voorschoten;

Dutch Golden Age, 2020

Lecture 1, Part 1.

Lecture 1, Part 2.


Zomer Groen, ZoMaar Groen 2019


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