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Paintings by Negar Rashidi

Negar Rashidi is a Dutch-Iranian mixed media artist creating her beautiful detailed miniature Delft Blue paintings on oyster shells. Her paintings fuse her technical artistic expertise with climate activism and "omdenken" as the Dutch call it. Which means, thinking differently about things we usually take for granted. Negar mixes the long-standing Iranian heritage of miniature paintings with well known Dutch/Chinese blue paint on delicate objects. Negar often collaborates with other artists incorporating her delicate miniatures into ceramics and other objects. Until now her work has only been available on a commission basis, but Negar has created this beautiful collection for Gallery Sorelle Sciarone.

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About the art works made by Negar Rashidi

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Recent Art Exhibitions

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In the meantime see her interview (in Dutch) here for Rijswijk Talent Award.

Art Collection

Negar's work has been collected by private art collectors on commission basis in Europe and the U.K.

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