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Els Kampert makes contemporary pouring paintings. She is in essence a sculptor, but is engaged in painting technique known as "casting". It is also known as liquid art or 'pouring'. A poured painting is a beautifully abstract piece of contemporary art that follows natures Dendritic design. That means the paint flows on the canvas, similarly as to how a river would flow, a trees branches grow and lightning strikes form. Each expertly poured painting brings the flow of our natural world into your home in a exquisitely chosen colour scheme. 


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About the Poured Paintings Els makes

Els Kampert has been a dedicated sculptor the last fifteen years and most recently started in the worlds with paints with the pouring technique. A technique in which the artist pours paint over a canvas. This sounds very simple, but is a technique that needs patience, a keen eye for colour and form and a bit of neatness. Her style can thus be said to be a involved caster of paintings. In essence Els is a sculptor. Creating sculpture is a very time consuming and physical activity that needs a lot of fore thought and patience, before the image emerges from the stone. This same deliberations goes into each poured painting made by Els in her studio in Delft.

Els is self taught, or auto-didactic as the official term for artist and educated person from their own self study. Els has never been to art school, but has always practiced art by following courses in painting, sculpting and even flower arrangement. She has been a sculptor these last fifteen years, following courses over the years by other artists and sculptors in Delft. In essence Els has apprenticed years with artists out of the Delft region. She combines this age old form of apprenticeship in person, with new age apprenticeship through online tutorials. Pouring has been an internet sensation these lasts years and Els is self-taught. She however brings decades of experience as a sculpture and a keen eye into her newest painting endeavor, which we whole heartedly enjoy at the gallery.

Her poured paintings are special, due to her keen eye and her years of sculpting experience. She masterfully manilpulates her materials to make large and complicated sets. Els creates organic patterns through intuitive use of color and movement. In scientific terms, the effect that Els partially uses in making her work, is called the Dendritic design, an archetype for growth patterns in nature: specific and constructive. Rivers, human lungs, tree branches, lightning all follow this effect. Els passes intuitively and manipulates this dendritic design, making it a marriage between organic patterns and Els' artistic capacities. Her choice of color and movement when manipulating the dendritic patterns created organic compositions that remind us of the movement of nature. Depending on your mood and your interior, you can feel the strong forces or the calming effects of nature.

The subtle yet complicated colour pieces attest to Els’s patience, skill and own keen eye.


What makes Els's poured paintings even more unique is that she never names them herself. Her two (adult) childred name her paintings. After Els's is satisfied that a paintings is complete, she shares it with her family. Her children name the paintings after the first thing they associate with the abstract pourings. Which means the abstract paintings is then embedded with a meaning outside of what Els has actually made. They name alters the abstract painting into a known association.  Each work is presented to collectors already altered by the viewer and the interaction between art and viewer. 


Els has always created and creating art has given her a lot of comfort. “Kunst maken geeft mij veel voldoening, het geeft een gevoel dat ik mij zelf prettig en fijn voel.” Translated;  Making art gives me a lot of satisfaction, it gives me a way to feel good and comfortable about myself.Being an artist is putting you and your work into the world, but art also gives back. The act of creating is cathartic as it is legitimizing practice, one we often forget about when talking about art and artists.

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Recent Exhibtions


Fluid Sculptures - Leiderdorp (November 2019)


Els Kampert only makes work for herself and her family. It is an honor to publish her work for a larger audience. Her work is often exhibited in communal office spaces.

Her first exhibition "Fluid Sculptures" ran from November 15, 2019 to December 28, 2019.


Art Collections

After her first exhibition several pieces of her art has been bought by French and Belgium art collectors.

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