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If you would like to contact us directly, call us on

+31 683 165 857

or leave your message details in the form below. 


You will be put in direct contact with Tascha Sciarone.

Tascha Sciarone - Gallery Manager

Tascha Sciarone is the Gallery Manager and eldest sister of the sisters Sciarone. 


You want to talk about one of our artist and their artwork. 

Want to negotiate on the price of the artwork.


The best time to reach us is on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 8:30 and 17:00 (GMT: +1).


But always feel free to call.

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone on other platforms


Artsper is the leading online European platform for online contemporary art sales; they are partnered with galleries over the whole world. You can find more than 30.000 contemporary artwork on their site. They curate all their galleries, and we have made the cut. We curate all our artist, so all the work on their platform is twice curated, which means that the selection of contemporary art is excellent. They have a robust protocol on the number of pictures, and we are slowly adding our collection from our online gallery to their inventory. 

Paintings on Artsper



Artsy is the worlds oldest and comprehensive digital art platforms. It joins galleries, museums, collectors and auction houses worldwide through their art genome project. 


Paintings on artsy.net



Kunstgalerie-info.nl is an online art gallery directory in The Netherlands. You can also find us in their directory. We will be releasing articles on their website in the coming months.


What others have written about us

Dutch Review

DutchReview caters to a large and diverse number of readers. They write content for expats and internationals who live in the Netherlands and bring you Dutch news in English.

Dutch Review Checking Out Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

Here is our FAQ and contact page

Where can I see the paintings in real life?

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone is an online contemporary art gallery. So all the work we have is showcased online.

We do pop up exhibitions at AREA071, an entrepreneurial HubSpot in Leiderdorp. You can come to see the artwork daily if you work there, or if you are interested in seeing the exhibition we can make an appointment. Call or email us, and we will set it up.

We take three of our artist to an art fair. The next Art Fair is in Laren:

9-12 June 2021.

An outside Art Fair that we will attend with Domo Eclectica

If you would like to see the work at the art fair, please mail us with the form here below, and we will send you free tickets to the art fair.

Leave a message here

If emailing is more your thing, please leave a message here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are an artist, there is a special artist page