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Puffins | Denise van der Burgh | Oil on Canvas

  • Contemporary artist: Denise van der Burgh
  • Title Artwork: Puffins
  • Year: 1999
  • Technique: Oil on Board
  • Style: Narrative Painting, Surreal Painting, Wildlife Painting
  • Size 60cm x 50cm
  • Unframed
  • €2200,-

Puffins | Denise van der Burgh | Oil on Board

This beautiful oil painting is described by the artist Chloe X Xu.


'Puffins' is a beautifully realistic oil painting of wildlife animals by Denise van der Burgh. The painting is described by the artist Chloe Xu.

"In this painting, we see two puffins standing on the cliff along the sea. They are the centre of the focus, with black feathers and white underbellies. The one on the left stands straight, looking at somewhere far away, and seems to be attracted by something unusual. The one on the right bends slightly, gazing towards somewhere nearby. The two puffins look delightful, vivacious together. Under their feet, the cliffs are patched with thick, slippery moss. Behind them, it is the calm, blue sea connected with the sky. There are also some mountains on the horizon and the sun hidden behind the cloudy sky.


As the sea and the sky in the background of the puffins take up a big space in the frame, the different shades of blue settled the mood - tranquillity, capability, and joy. On the upper left, the reddish clouds added more complexity to the various layers of the sky. And on the right side, the clean blue and white clouds presented a beautiful serenity. The puffins in the centre in black and white are depicted realistically and pull you in immediately with the colour composition. The puffin's beaks are in bright orange and yellow, the same colour as their fan-shaped little feet. The mossy cliffs underneath are painted with green, yellow, and white. The greenish tone takes up about one-third of the whole picture.


At first sight, most of us notice the cuteness of the two sea birds, and when you look closely, the nature in the background brings more depth to the art piece. We are not only able to feel the lovely, cheerful atmosphere, as we sense the powerful energy of nature through the unique perspective of the birds. An Atlantic puffin is only around 32cm tall, and you need to be at a low angle to observe their lively facial expression and movements.


The Dutch artist Denise van der Burgh is inspired deeply by the colour and details of nature. She depicts animals as the main character in her oil paintings to compose a compelling, playful narrative. Her artwork followed the artisan spirit of the traditional oil painting, portraying the shape and the movement of the objects delicately and accurately, as well as the light and shadow falling on them. On Puffins, the various shades of sky, sea, and the cliff look realistic and classic. The brush strokes on the puffins in front are also even and smooth.


These two cute puffins will give your home a lot of vibrant aliveness; the painting will be an excellent choice to hang in your living room. The two birds live in tranquillity as a symbol of good companionship, hopefully, to enhance the harmony within your house.

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