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Pompoen | Denise van der Burgh | Oil on Canvas

  • Contemporary artist: Denise van der Burgh
  • Title Artwork: Pompoen or Melon
  • Year: 2001
  • Technique: Oil on Canvas
  • Style: Still-life Painting, Narrative Painting
  • Size: 60cm x 50cm 
  • €2250,-
  • Framed: Wooden Floater Frame painted black

Pompoen | Denise van der Burgh | Oil on Canvas

In this painting, the pumpkin on the desk is neatly cut, tilt to the right. The window is open to allow the bright light to come in. The shining, yellow pulp is exposed under the light from outside. Look further from the window, some buildings located in the middle of the mountains. The buildings have small windows and red rooftop. On top of the composition, the sky is in pure blue, and some white clouds float around the house.


The colour and the tone on the upper part of the painting is bright and cool, and the lower part is relatively dark and warm. In this contrast, we can tell the difference between light and shadows, and it’s a fundamental point to make the painting look three-dimensional and realistic. The main colour on the top is grey, blue and purple, and the bottom is brown, yellow and green. These earthy colours bring us a naturalistic atmosphere.


This fresh pumpkin is the main object of this painting, but the outside view is also very detailed that grabbed our attention to the spot. Those small buildings layout in the mountain composed a peaceful village isolated from the outside world. As a typical Denise’s painting style, we look through the perspective of the small objects to integrate and interpret the environment in an anthropopathic way.


Denise van der Burgh’s still life paintings have a realism style and especially suitable for rooms with classic decoration. They are available in our shop, pick one to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere at home!


The description is written by Chloe X Xu for Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

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