Artsper and Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

An announcement of our partnership with leading European Online Gallery Platform: Artsper. Gallery Sorelle Sciarone is an online gallery, that has been admitted to the French Gallery Association Online Platform with the selection of our contemporary artist. Read further to learn more about Artsper and why we at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone has partnered with their online platform. 

Who is Artsper?

Techplatform for the arts

Artsper is a tech platform from France that has been making art accessible to a larger public. Their platform allows anyone and everyone to: BUY FROM THE BEST CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERIES. We are proud to announce that we have been reviewed and selected to be featured on their platform. The site allows art buyers to access more than 90.000 artworks and 15,000 artists through their partnership with galleries worldwide. This is an insane amount of access to artists and their artwork from around the world. Luckily you can narrow your search scope to galleries you know (but maybe can not visit), art styles you love and your budget. So whether you are starting your collection, expanding it or want to see what galleries around the world have to offer, Artsper makes that easy.


This is what Artsper has to say about their selection process:


".. the works presented on Artsper are selected exclusively by the best galleries who have gained recognition across Europe for their work and their commitment to their artists.


All the works on our platform have been through a thorough vetting process: first by the gallery and then by Artsper. Furthermore, each gallery is also carefully reviewed by our panel of experts using a range of criteria: the artists represented, the quality and authenticity of the works, the art fairs it participates in and how it promotes its artists. This demanding selection process guarantees an exceptional quality of works."


We are thrilled to our toes with this recommendation. In essence, working in the arts is a 90% passion for the arts.


François‐Xavier Trancart and Hugo Mulliez, founders of Artsper,  a leading website for buying contemporary art online from partner galleries. © Artsper

François‐Xavier Trancart and Hugo Mulliez, co-founders of Artsper,  a leading website for buying contemporary art online.© Artsper

Shaking up the artworld since 2012

We chose Artsper and not Artsy or Artnet to do with their French and therefore European roots and user base. We are an art gallery situated in The Netherlands and want to expand our online reach from a local art market instead of the American art market. Artsy and Artnet is closely connected to the American art market. However, Artsper is still an international platform. Artsper has more than 400 worldwide gallery partnerships and reaches thousands of collectors worldwide. Artsper brings transparency and choice, making the art world more democratic. The two founders François-Xavier Trancart and Hugo Mulliez of Artsper bring the gallery art world to the 21st century. We love how Artsper shows pricing and opens the art world to the comfort of your own home.

Logo Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. Link to Gallery page on Artsper

Passionate People

Also, Artsper is backed by Frédéric Jousset, one of the youngest acquisition board members for the Louvre and a passionate contemporary art collector. He is actively trying to stimulate the art scene for veterans art collectors, museums, children and passionately believes in Artsper. Frédéric believes in François-Xavier and Hugo, who are two passionate believers reforming the art world. That is what we look for, people with a passion for the arts.
We look forward to continuing this beautiful partnership.

Lots of Love, 


Gallery Manager at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone 

Please feel free to contact me via email or telephone.

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