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Planning 2021

Staying online, exhibition plans, one new artist and one art fair. That's what is on the menu for the coming year.

When everything is continually changing, it is sometimes a good idea to have a plan. The plan is a boat that has been smashed to bits on lots of rocks last year, but none the less remembering the boat as you drift on the vast expansive ocean can help you reconstruct the ship from the selvedge. And when you reach land, you can reflect on the boat that was and the boat that is.

Online Based

Home Office Tascha Sciarone.

Tascha Sciarone's home office is part office, part storage space for art and packaging materials.

The Gallery will continue to be based mostly online in 2021. Most of The Netherlands will be in Lockdown until the spring and we are all encouraged to keep working remotely. Online and social media is the only real space to continously be present to a larger community in 2020 and most probably a large part of 2021.


Hopefully, in March 2022 we will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder, toasting artist, art and life at the grand opening party. This next year will also allow us to continue to build our reputation and network so that the opening and space is well established by this time.


The only downside to being an exclusive online gallery and still so young is that it has scared some new collectors. The plan to mitigate this was to go to a variety of art fairs. However, this has not been possible this last year. 


We are doubling down on creating exceptional and extraordinary exhibitions for on your mobile or laptop.



We do not know when the pandemic will end and public spaces are freely accessible again.


Online Exhibitions reach a larger group of people than in-person exhibitions.


Sticking to our original 5-year plan of opening a location in March 2022. 


We can not afford any overhead costs, that are closed most of the year.


Tascha Sciarone, the gallery manager is still the primary caregiver to her two young sons  of 5 and 2 years old. Her and her partner split working days.


The illustrations of D'Avellonne van Dijck

Illustration form D'Avellonne van Dijck for Marko Klomps Exhibition: Left Behind

Illustration form D'Avellonne van Dijck for Marko Klomps Exhibition: Left Behind

D'Avellonne is an illustrator and makes colourful and fantastic drawings. As we are staying online, a novel idea came to fruition. Most of the paintings are digitally hung in an exhibition space or room. It has always felt slightly off, the overall pictures. We have the same "not completely right" feeling with digital rooms as what is described in the uncanny valley theory, which is about robots that almost appear human will risk eliciting cold, eerie feelings in viewers. So we are attempting to shift from this the cold eery feeling of "something is off" to a "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" mix between drawings and real-life paintings. D'Avellonne's illustrations are more sweet and warm and create a unique space for each exhibition this year. 


Create more fun and immersive exhibitions


Support all different types of art.


Get away from the cold eeriness of digitally hung paintings from an uncanny valley feeling, to a warmer and playful space.


Always love playing with outdated notions of high art and low art expectations.


Exhibitions this year

There are six solo exhibitions planned this year.

Marko Klomp: 2 January - 28 February 2021

Monique Leliefeld: 2 March - 28 April 2021

Jeanette Olyhoek: 2 May -28 June 2021

Gemma Jonker: 2 July - 28 August 2021

Thea van Doorn: 2 September - 28 October 2021

__________: 2 November - 28 December 2021



We will be transitioning to 10 monthly exhibitions in 2022. 

New Artist

Thea van Doorn

You will have seen there is a new name on the list. Thea van Doorn is a painter with decades of paintings deeply rooted in decades of drawings. Playing with characteristics of one medium in another medium is a theme that keeps on popping up at the Gallery. Thea was suggested by the artist and professional instigator in the Rotterdam art community, Sue van Geijn. Sue and her partner had just bought an artwork from Thea for their house. Sue politely suggested Thea and her work struck a chord. This last year we have politely rejected so-so-so many artists, it is profoundly moving to be struck by art that you can not get out of your head. It is akin to a religious experience, of which there were two with Thea's work—seeing the work online and in real life in her studio.

Untitled (.). Thea van Doorn. Acrylic on Canvas 100 cm x 150 cm. 

The Painting Sue van Geijn bought and showed Tascha Sciarone on Instagram

Slot for one more artist this year

We are open to one more artist this year. We have been in contact with a few artists, but nothing set. We have the capacity for one more. We have spoken to a few artists, but it is still in the air.


Non-artistic criteria that are non-negotiable at this moment.


South Holland, The Netherlands



Paintings or wall art only


8-15 Cohesive Paintings

We want to assess your ouevre of work, and we have realised it puts a lot of stress on artists with only three artworks to paint for the remaining show. Every artist has backed out too close to the intended exhibition date, regardless of how far ahead in time they insisted they could or wanted to paint another few paintings.



And then finally, Tascha or one of the curators associated with the gallery should be excited to work with your art. We will be working countless hours closely studying your work. If there is no click, the text will lacklustre, those hours will feel like years. The paintings will not sell and everyone will lose out in the end. 

Let us be invested in an artist that excites us and inspire us. It is never personal if there is no connection. Like a relationship, you need someone to love you for you, not force a spark where there is none.



Gallery Sorelle Sciarone and Domo Eclectica

The Gallery will be working together with Mariella van der Net van Domo Eclectica.

We will continue our partnership with Mariella van der Net and attend Art Laren with her 11-13 June 2021 in Laren. This is an outdoor summer event, and we are relatively sure that this is an event that will be open. We will be showing Thea van Doorn's work at the Art Laren. Closer to the time we will announce if it will go through. 


Happy 2021. May it be a safe and fullfilling year.

Lots of love,

Tascha Sciarone

Your friendly neighbourhood

Art Historian,

staying at home.

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