Artwork by Mathea Boogert

Mathea Boogert (1957) is a Dutch abstract painter whose works are snapshots of conversations or time. Her works capture fleeting moments in colour. 

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone has curated a selection of her oeuvre known as Wabi-Sabi's. Curator Aida Oluwegbemiga explores these paintings in regards to her other art in Mathea's exhibition: An Interpretation of Life.

Artwork Available by Mathea Boogert


We have 23 Wabi Sabi's by Mathea Boogert. Please e-mail us if your favourite one is not in the line up. A few have been sold and we have decided to put up 12. As the available variation can sometimes be overwhelming in its abundancy.

Acrylic, ink and pastel paintings

Mathea Boogert and her Art

Mathea Boogert (1957) is an abstract artist who uses a variety of mediums and techniques. She is always looking for exciting colour combinations with balance. Her favourite colour is turquoise, and most of her works are created from this colour.


You recognize Mathea Boogert's artworks by the loose painting style in her abstract works. In her Wabi-Sabi works, warm tones of yellows and browns come together with white and sharp ink lines. Brown is the complementary colour of blue on the colour wheel, and for green, it is red, and for purple, it is yellow. Her more extensive oeuvre is blue, with details in blue-green or press. Mixing blue or with yellow or red. But blue remains the dominant colour. That's why her Wabi-Sabi's is so interesting. It combines her casual touch with the use of different media in the contrasting colours of her oeuvre. It is also a part of her oeuvre that allows for more profound research. Many of her other works are playful discoveries of the possibilities of expressing herself in art.


A work of art is finished for Mathea when it has a name. The artwork is incomplete if a name does not come naturally to her. However, much of her work is realized on-site or during coaching conversations. This makes her art snapshots of conversations or time. Ephemeral moments are captured in colour. The artworks are leftover objects created while getting lost in conversations and emotions of yourself or the people you coach.

Mathea has taken many lessons at the Vrije and Wackers Academy. In addition, she has immersed herself in various art history lecture series to deepen her practice. Since 2012, she has been challenging herself to work with many diverse mediums.


Art enriches Mathea Boogert's emotional life. Art makes it possible to discover, play and deepen.

Recent Art Exhibtions


  • Group Exhibition at Kooijman Interieur Gladzo Parket! Lemniscaat (March-May)
  • Group Parallel exhibition, Markieshof, Bergen op Zoom. (April-May)


  • Atelier Route, Utrecht (October)
  • Kunstfietsroute Middelburg (September)
  • Etelage Kunstroute, Kunstlint, Utrecht (March)




  • Landelijk Atelier Weekend, Utrecht (September)
  • Landelijk Atelier Weekend, Utrecht (June)

Art Collections

Mathea Boogert's artwork has been collected locally during open studio day events in The Netherlands.

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