Black and Bold | Negar Rashidi | Mixed Media

Black and Bold | Negar Rashidi | Mixed Media

  • Contemporary Painter: Negar Rashidi
  • Title Artwork: Black and Bold
  • Year: 2023
  • Technique: Gold on oyster shells (Mixed Media)
  • Style: Classic
  • Size: 45cm x 50cm (framed)
  • Price: 2,000

Black and Bold | Negar Rashidi | Mixed Media

The piece "Black and Bold" by Iranian Artist Negar Rashidi in question is a captivating example of abstract art through mixed media, seamlessly blending classical elements with modern techniques. The use of six oyster shells painted in gold and black creates a visually stunning contrast between the natural form of the shells and the bold, colours we have come to recognize from industrial industrial x modern interiors. Each shell is wholly unique design which is further higlighted by the contrasting black and gold colour pallette that is reminise of an abstract artwork.


The black baroque frame that surrounds the shells is both elegant and dramatic, adding a sense of grandeur and sophistication to the piece. The intricate details of the frame create a sense of depth and texture, further emphasizing the richness and complexity of the work. 


What makes this piece particularly intriguing is the way in which it evokes elements of nature while also utilizing the colour palette of industrial design. The shimmering gold and stark black colours create a dynamic tension between the natural and the artificial, resulting in a piece that is both beautiful and thought-provoking. Shifting your perspective slightly. The natural elements evoking abstract forms when painted black and gold. 


Overall, this work "Black and Bold" is a stunning example of how Negar Rashidi drew inspiration from classical elements while incorporating modern techniques and materials. The resulting piece is a visually striking and intellectually engaging work of art that challenges our perceptions and invites us to see the world in new and exciting ways. 

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