Mind Blown | Ms. T. S. | Portrait

  • Contemporary Artist: Ms. T. S.
  • Title Artwork: Mind Blown
  • Year: 2023
  • Technique: Acrylic, gold and beads
  • Style: Portrait
  • Size: 60cm x 40cm
  • 250,-

Mind Blown | Ms. T. S. | Portrait

"Mind Blown" is a portrait like bust painting by the artist Ms. T. S., we encounter a captivating exploration of the human psyche and the interplay between individuality and mass production. This striking large bust painting commands attention with its unique blend of elements and symbolism.


Set against a pristine white background, the androgynous face at the center of the composition immediately draws the viewer's gaze. On closer inspection the chalk white background has swirling patterns left by an indiscriminate brushstrokes. The facial contours of the bust is rendered in harsh, deliberate lines, conveying a sense of intensity and self-awareness. Within this visage, the artist employs a vivid palette of blues and yellows, creating a mesmerizing interplay of colors that evoke emotions and thoughts swirling within the figure's mind. Usually when seeing a serene face that might be female coded, it is often made by a male artist. Ms. T. S. is female, but started this series after reading a lot of queer feminist theory.


The addition of gold accents within the facial features adds a layer of complexity and richness, hinting at the profound value inherent in the individual's inner world. It serves as a reminder that beneath the surface, there is a wealth of unique experiences and perspectives waiting to be explored. The figure is not that of passive serenity.


One of the most striking and symbolic elements of "Mind Blown" is the absence of traditional hair. Instead, small blue beads have been incorporated into the painting, dispersing as they move away from the face. This scattering of beads represents the dispersal of thoughts, ideas, and consciousness into the world, reflecting the growing awareness and enlightenment of the androgynous figure.


Ms. T. S. utilizes the same three faces in all her works while incorporating hobby materials found at thrift shops. This methodology creates a compelling juxtaposition between the consistent facial structure and the unique, often forgotten, or discarded hobby items integrated into each piece. The three faces are hand drawn in stark contoured lines. It serves as a commentary on capitalism and mass production, challenging the notion of uniformity and conformity in our society.


"Mind Blown" is as much a critique on the capitalist ethos of mass production, where individuality can sometimes be lost in the pursuit of efficiency and profit as it is an enjoyment of the self and our oft forgotten joys and hobbies. Each piece also celebrates the joy and allure of hobbies and the sparkles of creativity that can emerge from unexpected sources. Through this thought-provoking artwork, Ms. T. S. invites us to contemplate the intricate web of human consciousness, the allure of uniqueness, and the enduring fascination with the things that make us uniquely ourselves.

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