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Schets van een stekje | Adéle du Plessis

Schets van een stekje | Adéle du Plessis | Contemporary Still-life Painting


  • Contemporary artist: Adéle du Plessis
  • Title Artwork: Schets van een stekje
  • Year: 2020
  • Technique: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Style: Still life Painting
  • Size: 50cm x 40cm
  • 1000,-

Schets van een stekje

Schets van een stekje is a new painting by contemporary South African artist Adéle du Plessis. It is part of her Drawn at Home exhibition. During the Smart Lockdown in the Netherlands, Adéle sketched and walked every day with her daughter artist Nicole Sciarone in Delft. From this drawing exercise, Adéle painted a series of paintings. She plays with Plato's philosophy about art and Mimesis. Plato didn't like art. He argued that it does not belong to an intellectual society. Art was too far removed from reality to be of any value. Adéle has played with her sketches and Plato's ideas about art in her paintings. Also, read more about Plato's argument about art and how Adéle plays with his rules about art, read the exhibition: Drawn at Home Series.


"Schets van een stekje" is Dutch for Sketch of a cutting. The title refers back to itself in several ways. 1. To the drawing she made during quarantine, 2. The technique of her painting emulates that of a sketch. The original sketches subject is that of the cutting in a little shot glass with water. Usually, the artist sketches their subject beforehand to be better to be able to paint the subject more lifelike. Instead, Adéle painted it in a way to capture the sketch as it would be in a pastel drawing with paint.


Kartel Kopje Klein and Kartel Kopje Groot - after Sophia Emma Grout in Tempera.

This is a beautiful pastel painting, with hints of deep emerald colours. As the light reflects in the water and glass. Adéle's paintings are always soft, playful and always teases Art History and Philosophy. Bringing art to the everyday of our life. It is a relatively small painting, that can fit in a hall, or a side wall.


It can be framed. Ideally I think white. What do you think?

Room Impression of Sketch of a Cutting by Adéle du Plessis

Room Impression of the painting "Sketch of a Cutting" by Adéle du Plessis

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