Left Behind VII The Dolphin | Marko Klomp | Seascape and Wildlife Painting

Left Behind VII The Dolphin | Marko Klomp | Seascape and Wildlife Painting

  • Contemporary artist: Marko Klomp
  • Title Artwork: Left Behind VII
  • Year: 2020
  • Technique: Oil on Linen
  • Genre: Seascape and Wildlife Painting
  • Size 80cm x 100cm 
  • Unframed
  • 4.500,00

Left Behind VII | Marko Klomp | Seascape and Wildlife Painting

Left Behind VII is part of a new series Marko Klomp started in 2019. In each of these paintings, Marko Klomp paints a vast landscape with a singular animal figure in his signature 'soft focus' style. This series's work is very large, and the sense of isolation is painfully poetic in each piece.


In Left Behind VII, we see a lone dolphin hovering under the ever-moving ocean. The waves move, and the dolphin is tiny. We thought this was a bird at the gallery for a long time, zooming in close and analysing this painting, the tiny dolphin is unmistakable and sleek. Completely alone, without any pod insight. Dolphin's are social creatures that enjoy swimming and jumping. This dolphin seems to be staring up at the surface of the ocean, immobile and alone. There is a lot of cool and coldish elements in the painting. There is a pastel colour scheme of baby blues and no warm tones, suggesting a beach on an eastern shoreline. The sun has set behind the dunes and not overwater.


Marko uses animals and birds that are facing extinction in his current series. Can you guess what tye of dolphin this is?

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