Ghost of You | Fiona J. Williams | Gestural Portriat

  • Contemporary artist: Fiona J. Williams
  • Title Artwork: Ghost of You
  • Year: 2019
  • Technique: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Style: Expressionism
  • Size: 60cm x 42cm
  • Unframed
  • 1.000,00

Ghost of You | Fiona J. Williams | Gestural Portriat

The description is written by curator Emi Eleode for the exhibition: Humans in their most Vulnerable Form.


Blurry, ghostly, undefined. Memories of what was and what’s to be. Which out of the three faces is the portraited woman? The first face represents a sad moment with a look of disappointment and gloom. Her eyes focused hard on something but not necessarily something in the present. The fixed expression is frozen in time. She’s not with us.


The second ghostlier face looks like she has given up with everything, that loss of energy to go on. The face is downturned and has a glassy looking eyes. It’s as if she’s about to cry but struggling to keep the tears in. The almost tightening of the mouth is a response to what the subject is feeling. It also looks like she’s got a nasty bruise under her right eye. Hints of green and grey paint highlight what looks like an injury, seeping into the eye. The same could be said from the first face. The left side has a swollen looking eye, highlighted in green.


We then focus on the third face, which could be the real woman. She is painted in two-toned colours– red and white, this face as an inquisitive look to it. In comparison with the other two that have a gloomy expression, she looks as if she’s about to question someone for their action. A  look that says ‘really?’ from the way her lip is pursed and the arch of her brow. A warning look. It reminds me of the popular meme of rapper Conceited, who has a slightly similar expression. ‘Know Your Meme’ describes this look as an indication of ‘feelings of anxiety or disapproval.’


The background colour of the canvas is reddish-pink. Fiona sketched the faces on the coloured background and outlined them in black (face one), white (face two) and red (face three). The composition of this painting leaves the viewer with many questions on how to interpret it. There is no clear answer.


Fiona’s ‘Faces and Feelings’ body of work looks at how our inner emotions are expressed and etched on a person’s face. This acrylic on canvas portrait painting represents the multiplicity of the human condition.

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