Sketch of Seeds | Adéle du Plessis | Still-life Painting

Sketch of Seeds | Adéle du Plessis | Still-life Painting

  • Contemporary artist: Adéle du Plessis
  • Title Artwork: Sketch of Seeds
  • Year: 2020
  • Technique: Tempera on Canvas
  • Style: Still life Painting
  • Size: 50cm x 40cm 
  • 1.000,-

Sketch of Seeds | Adéle du Plessis | Still-life Painting

Sketch of Seeds is a contemporary tempera painting by South African artist Adéle du Plessis.


The painting comes from her series Drawn at Home, a series of paintings based on sketches of everyday objects in the home of artist Adéle. Adéle paints these 10-minute sketches on larger canvases, mimicking the effect of a monochrome pencil sketch in her paintings. She mixes the two medium techniques as a playful jab in Plato's Mimesis theory. A theory in which the famous Greek philosopher argues that there is no place for art in an ideal society. While art, be it movies, TV shows, podcasts and traditional art forms such as paintings and interacting with paintings, has been a way to survive the impact of the pandemic on mental health.

This painting is a playful philosophical painting that explores the intersection of technique, medium and what constitutes a valuable subject for art to explore. Dutch art historian Wouter Maas explores this theme in his analysis of Adéle's painting "Sketch of a Teabag" (2020).

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