Twijfel | Thea van Doorn | Figuratieve Schilderij

Twijfel | Thea van Doorn | Figuratieve Schilderij

  • Hedendaagse schilder: Thea van Doorn
  • Title Kunstwerk: Twijfel
  • Jaar: -
  • Techniek: Acryl op Doek
  • Stijl: Figuratieve Expressionisme
  • Size: 100cm x 100cm 
  • 6720,-

Twijfel | Thea van Doorn | Figuratieve Schilderij

Doubt is a large square painting, showing a monochromatic (black and white) image of a man against a sky-blue wall. The lower half of the wall is dark brown. At the bottom left, a large light brown dog looks to the left. His eyes look back to where a blond woman in a camel-colored shirt and black coat is standing. She is placed at the bottom right and is facing the left side of the painting.


Although some colors are used in the artwork, the brown tones are more common. The brightest points in the painting are the left half of the woman's face and the photo of the man. Both are brighter lit compared to the rest of the painting. Interestingly, these two figures look bright in different ways. The photo of the man is bright because of the white background of the photo, while the blond hair, face and bright red lipstick of the woman emphasize her in the painting.


The dichotomy of the composition is created by linking these two figures together. The two human figures contrast in the kind of presence they embody in the work. Both figures inhabit different realities in the painting. The two colors in the background run parallel to each other. Finally, there is a well-directed direction of gazes that ties the whole composition together. The dog looks at the woman and the woman looks up at the photo. The figure in the photo looks to the left on an unknown space.


This work invites viewers to become part of this chain of the gazes of the figures within it. It encourages reflection on how we deal with works of art and two-dimensional images. We can choose to view a photo passively for what it shows, or to be actively involved with the figures that inhabit it while looking for the meaning of the artist.

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