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Reading Material

Welcome to the reading corner of the gallery. Here you can delve deep into understanding paintings, the art world, collecting, displaying and critiquing art. Tascha Sciarone weekly tackles issues for collectors and artist with her unique background as a cultural anthropologist and art historian. In between there are interviews with artists, art critics in galleries to better understanding the art world of the twenty-first century. With a little hint of looking in ways, we can continue to mould the art world to a more inclusive and democratic space for all the enjoy.

The articles are split into articles about collecting and displaying art, interviews with artist, galleries, collectors and art critics, the costs involved with contemporary art and transcribed lectures given by Tascha Sciarone.


Reading Material in Chronological Order

Articles about collecting art

How do you display a painting in your house or office? What is the best way to integrate art into your life? And expanding on how to nurture your own aesthethic.

How to Hang your painting? One Rule that will make your art work work in any room.

How does art fit into your life? Making, looking and buying art.

How to understand contemporary art? An analogy to better 'get' contemporary art.



Read interviews with galleries, artists, art critics and collectors. Gain a unique insight into contemporary art practices and techniques of the twenty-first century.


Gallery Interviews

Interview Quenda Verheug : Understanding Post Studio Art Practices

Interview Domo Eclectica


Artist Interviews

Getting to know Adéle du Plessis, the contemporary South African artist living in Delft.

Getting to know Denise van der Burgh, contemporary Dutch oil painter.

Getting to know Els Kampert, contemporary Dutch sculptor with pouring art.

Getting to know Gemma Jonker, contemporary Dutch painter and illustrator.

Getting to know Monique Leliefeld, contemporary Dutch abstract artist.

Getting to know Marko Klomp, contemporary Dutch oil painter.


Art Critics Interviews

Interview Kunstmaartje: Art Influencers in the 21st Century

Articles about the cost of contemporary art

What are the costs involved with buying contemporary art? Learn about the strange line between the high cost of art and the undervaluing of the artist. As well as some healthy dosis of cultural critique.

Part 1. What does a painting cost? 4 Calculation Methods

Part 2. What does a painting cost? Real Estate and Education over the years influence.

Part 3. What does a painting cost? Beginners Guide to Buying Art.

Understanding the price of art. 


Transcribed lectures

Tascha Sciarone gives lectures on Art History at Museum Voorschoten. She is a cultural anthropologist and art historian, with a focus on museums and collections. She loves sharing her knowledge and insight with her community.

Introduction to the Golden Age Lecture Series

Part 1. Dutch Golden Age vs Seventeenth Century: Debate Context

Part 2. Dutch Golden Age vs Seventeenth Century: Debate and Influence

Part 1. Seventeenth Century Dutch Portraits, changing morals: 1600-1650

Part 2. Seventeenth Century Dutch Portraits: changing morals: 1650-1700