Hope | Negar Rashidi | Delft Blue Oysters

Blue Butterfly | Negar Rashidi | Delft Blue Oysters

  • Contemporary Artists: Negar Rashidi
  • Artwork Title: Hope
  • Year: 2022
  • Technique: Glass Paint on Oyster Shell
  • Type: Mixed Media
  • Framed: Black Baroque Frame 40cm x 45cm
  • Price: 2.250

Blue Butterfly | Negar Rashidi | Delft Blue Oysters

"Blue Butterfly" is the newest painting by contemporary artist Negar Rashidi. "Blue Butterfly" is the working title of this artwork. It might change in the coming period. We steamrolled through a lot of processes to make this artwork available.  "Blue Butterfly"  has a big sister Blue Emperor | Negar Rashidi | Delft Blue Oysters. Negar had always planned om making two of these artworks, after she found two of these twinned (or paired) shells.


The shells are open and resemble the wings of a butterfly. Negar has playfully accentuates this further by painting butterfly wings on the shell. Each shell has a wing painted in cobalt blue, better known as Delft Blue. She painted the wings of a morpho or emperor butterfly, an unusual type of butterfly with blue wings. The Blue Emperor is most commonly found in South America. This is a playful work of art of Chinese pottery, Delftware and pottery and forms and parts separated history for history.


Negar also has twin shells painted with wings, that is available by contacting her.


UPDATE: The new name for this piece is "Hope"


We received this from Negar Rashidi as a motivation for naming this piece:


“ I would like to name the Blue Butterfly 'Hope'.

Since you know a butterfly has become a metaphor for transformation and hope; across cultures, it has become a symbol for rebirth and resurrection. I think, somewhere deep down I can connect/relate this to all that it happening in Iran right now.
Hope is all we have and hope is sometimes all you need in order to live, believe and love.
So 'Hope' it is.”


As many know, the violent death of Mahsa Amini in late September 2022 has led to a people's protest to a full scale revolution in Iran. At a very basic level, Mahsa is not even her real name, it is Jina. She is only legally allowed the name of Mahsa, as her Kurdish name is not allowed within this regime, in an active decades-long effort to (often violently) irradicate Kurds in Iran. Iranians are fighting for their basic human rights to be met. The current regime that has forced many Iranians from their country or faces wrongful imprisonment and even death. In Mahsa's case, the morality police arrested her for incorrectly wearing her "hijab'. She was beaten and died from severe trauma from the beatings. But as we know, a hijab is only a hijab if it is worn of their own free will. If it is forced, it is not a hijab, but simply a scarf. Women have been burning these scarves as a symbol of their protest. This is such an immensely brave act. Yet the people in Iran have seen, it does not matter if you do everything correctly, your life may be forfeit as there are no checks or balances to keep people safe from the morality police and the arbitrary rules of enforcement. Men, women and children have lost their lives in the violent pushback by the illegal and terrorist regime currently in power. Iranians are fighting for their human rights to be met. To wear what they want, eat what they want, name themselves and speak their languages.


Negar Rashidi and her family are part of this Iranian diaspora. Fleeing the country in 2000 for safety from this oppressive regime being fought against now.

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