"Who's that Girl? Its in the eyes" | Fiona J. Williams

  • Hedendaagse kunstenaar: Fiona J. Williams
  • Titel Artwork: "Who's that Girl? Its in the eyes"
  • Jaar: 2020
  • Techniek: acryl en potlood op canvas
  • Stijl: figuratief schilderen
  • Afmeting: 91cm x 61cm x 4cm (doosdoek)
  • Niet ingelijst
  • 2.500,00

"Who's that Girl? Its in the eyes" | Fiona J. Williams

"Who's that Girl? Its in the eyes" is the second painting from the "Who's that Girl?" Series.

When British artist Fiona J. Williams started painting her "Who's that Girl?" series, Fiona's challenging past years to break with the strict religious sect she had grown up in (the Jehovah's Witnesses), which faced tumultuous family dynamics, along with her ongoing battle with thyroid cancer. The paintings have moved from stark black lines on a white canvas in graphic design to faces that have gone from gestural abstract brushstrokes to increasingly realistic but to some extent abstracted faces.


Her ongoing journey of struggling with her place in the world, combined with her education in textile design, forms the basis for her artistic practice.


Her gesture portraits capture the rich inner life of her portraits that are still sitting. Her paintings are full of energy, but the nanny is quiet. Each image is an invitation to meditate on everything that is happening in our lives and in the people we love.
Fiona has painted bold, plain faces, and although they are strangers to us, they become a guide to questions people have always had to answer.

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