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Morning Breaks | Marko Klomp

Morning Breaks | Marko Klomp
Sold out

Morning Breaks| Marko Klomp| olie schilderij

  • Hedendaagse schilder: Marko Klomp
  • Kunstwerk: Morining Breaks
  • Jaar: 2017
  • Series: Cantima
  • Techniek: Olie op Linen
  • Soort: Figuratief
  • Formaat: 100cm x 80cm
  • 4.500,00

Morning Breaks | Marko Klomp | Oil on Linen

A girl with dark hair in a bun passes a large window. Her loose blue shirt tucked into a dark skirt. She stares outside the window.

When I attempt to describe his work, it is challenging not to go into too much association. Marko Klomp creates a sweet painting of a young girl looking out of a window, and immediately one's mind wanders also where she is off to and why so early. These are all highly subjective interjections. And if I was too look at this painting again tonight or tomorrow, I will interject even more.
The beauty of all Marko's work is how it allows the mind to wander and bask. Or on other days or by other viewers, she might look alone in a well lit, but stark hallway. Klomp captures a moment that the viewer can fill with cheer or gloom and feel they know the painting. Maybe one should not highlight the ambiguity in his paintings, as they allow the viewer to submerge themselves in a moment with their own emotions verified in the image.


"Morning Breaks" is inspired by the same song by Craig Armstrong.

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