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Mysterious Powers VII | Monique Leliefeld | Abstract Painting

  • Contemporary Artist: Monique Leliefeld
  • Title Artwork: Mysterious Power VII
  • Year: 2018
  • Technique: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Style: Abstract Painting
  • Size: 70cm x 50cm
  • Framed: Wooden Floater Frame Painted Prussian Blue (73cm x 53cm)
  • €2.500,-

Mysterious Powers IV | Monique Leliefeld | Acrylic on Canvas

The acrylic mixed media painting by Monique Leliefeld is part of a series of paintings that are all named:

Mysterious Power. Each abstract painting is a composition of red and orange globes set on a bed of teal.

Red globes rise from a textured bottom into the top of the canvas out into the world.
The painting is predominantly hues of masterfully dappled blue and green that are mixed in a way that creates simultaneously the depth of an ocean and the vastness of space. Three orange orbs are leaving the canvas on the top part of the painting. As one's eyes travel lower, there are orbs or bubbles hinted at in form that has melted into the varying hues of blue and green of the background of the canvas—even the depth of an ocean and the vastness of space simultaneously forefront of the painting. In the lower third of the painting is a large red sphere encircled by an even larger black sphere.
This is the first red globe your eyes see when first regarding the painting, the six other red and orange orbs, only later leading the eye to the top part of the painting.

The red globe encircled in black, seemingly rests on a bed of blue and teal textured bottom.
Leliefeld painted this work to visualise the strength one can find when going through times of hardship. The power one can find to continue and endure even after being pushed past endurance. She calls this series Mysterious Power, as finding the power to rise and thrive in dire circumstances comes from a mysterious source within oneself that one never knew about.

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