Royal | Negar Rashidi | Delft Blue Oysters

Royal | Negar Rashidi | Delft Blue Oysters

  • Hedendaagse schilder: Negar Rashidi
  • Title Kunstwerk: Royal
  • Jaar: 2022
  • Techniek: Glas verf op Oester schelpen
  • Stijl: Baroque
  • Size: 40cm x 30cm (met frame 50cm x 43cm)
  • Prijs: 2.250

Royal | Negar Rashidi | Delft Blue Oysters

As an art historian, I have spent countless hours analyzing and interpreting works of art from different time periods and cultures. However, there is always something new to discover and appreciate in each piece, no matter how many times I have studied it.


Today, I found myself captivated by a painting that I have seen many times before by artist Negar Rashidi. Its beautiful use of the colour, composition, and brushstrokes all came together to create a powerful emotional impact all framed by Baroque grandeur.


As I stood before the painting, I felt a sense of awe and wonder, knowing that the artist had poured their heart and soul into every stroke. It was a reminder of the power of art to move us and connect us to something greater than ourselves. Especially as the Revolution in Iran is ongoing. 


As an art historian, my job is to understand and contextualize works of art, but today, I simply stood in awe of the beauty before me. It was a humbling and inspiring experience, and one that I will carry with me. As this painting started as one thing, but as the world changes, it evolves into the strength and resilience of Iranians and the Iranian diaspora.


--Tascha Sciarone

Art Historian

17 March 2023

Voorschoten, NL

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