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Home » Trapsgewijs | Marko Klomp
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Trapsgewijs | Marko Klomp

Trapsgewijs | Marko Klomp
Sold out

Trapsgewijs | Marko Klomp| olie schilderij

  • Hedendaagse schilder: Marko Klomp
  • Kunstwerk: Trapsgewijs
  • Jaar: 2019
  • Series: Auditoria
  • Techniek: Olie op Paneel
  • Soort: Figuratief 
  • Formaat: 50cm x40cm
  • 1.500,00

Trapsgewijs | Marko Klomp

Looking at this painting, the first thing that you notice is the figure of a graceful woman walking on the stairway. It is a sunny summer day. The woman has light brown hair, and the bright sunlight is falling on her skin. She is wearing a long red dress, black sandals, and carrying a delicate yellow bag. With one foot move forward, she walks casually and naturally. On the top left corner, we see a small piece of sky. On the right, there is an old building with one door and three windows in the frame. The shadow of the old building falling on the stairway creates a contrast with the light.

The most noticeable colour in this painting is red in the centre. It pops up from the grey surroundings. Red is associated with love, passion, romance, and strength, and the red dress gives the figure a lot of life and personality. Around her, the different shades of grey are the dominant colour in the frame. The left part is under the light, and it was painted with a very light shade. The right part of the painting is under the shadow painted with a dark tone. It creates a gradient of brightness. 

You may be amazed by the artist's technique of showing light. In this piece, grey is enough to build up the environment and create a desolate atmosphere; the light on the red dress makes the character look three-dimensional and fluid. The angle of the observation is from down to the top, it gives the character a stronger character, and she looks more modern and energetic in this way. The blurred face leaves a lot of space for imagination. It can be a face from some vague memory, and it also can be a symbol of beauty. There are several apparent contrasts in this painting: dark and bright, light and shadow, ancient and modern… Many perspectives to interpret it.

The artist, Marko Klomp, is a Dutch painter and poet who creates "soft focus" oil paintings as a signature style. Most of his work has an atmosphere of dreamlike state, the subjects are blurred, and you won't find a stable focus from every angle. Klomp's artwork has a poetic and romantic vibe, and his painting depicts landscape, nature, or a piece of memory fragment. He also writes poems for his artwork. This piece Trapsgewijs has a poem accompany it, you can read it here.

Artist Chloe X Xu writes the description for Gallery Sorelle Sciarone.

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