Mermaids | Ms. T. S. | Miniature Paintings

Mermaids | Ms. T. S. | Miniature Paintings

  • Artists: Ms. T. S.
  • Painting Title: Mermaids 
  • Year: 2022
  • Material: Mixed Media
  • Fantastic Figurative Painting
  • Size: 10cm x 10cm (Framed 12cm x 12cm)
  • Price: 100

Mermaids | Ms. T. S. | Miniature Paintings

Ms. T. S. (1990) is a contemporary artist that specialises in creating fun paintings that combines oil paintings, spatialism photography and left-over craft supplies at second-hand shops. Ms. T. S. grew up like a lot of girls to reject their sense of playfulness, girliness to try and fit the expectations of being a girl/woman that turned out to be unattainable, changing, and undermining mythology. The works she makes is an experiment into embracing femininity and the denied self. Experimenting with serious art and underappreciated crafts. You can recognize her work the way each piece acts as a wall sculpture and a painting. Each piece is an enjoyed metaphor for joy and frivolity within the seriousness. The people in her painting are androgynous and can be male or female. As playfulness and frivolity has no gender, age, or race.

The plastics used in the artwork also bind them into works of art, instead of slowly working their way into nature.

These six mermaids will be debuting at Discovery Art Fair in Frankfurt this November 2022.

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