The Benefits of Art in the Workplace

Boosting Creativity, Reducing Stress, Enhancing Productivity and Adding Personality

Welcome to this art-buying guide! If you're considering buying art for your office, you may be interested in the paintings here at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone, a romantic and reflective art gallery that specializes in paintings.


Art isn't just about aesthetics - paintings in your office can also have a positive impact on the work environment and the people in it. In this guide, we will explore some key concepts as to how having paintings in your workspace benefits everyone.


So, let's get started!

5 reasons to incorporate art into you office space

"Palm Droplets" (2022). Negar Rashidi in an office cantine. Not available for sale yet. Will be available in May 2023.

"Palm Droplets" (2022) by Negar Rashidi in an office coffee corner. Not available for sale yet. Will be available in May 2023. Please contact us if you are interested so we can set it aside.

1. Art Boosts creativity

Art can stimulate the imagination and inspire creative thinking, which can be particularly beneficial in industries that require innovation and problem-solving. From tech industries to healthcare. There is a reason many hospitals have a huge art collection on display.


So how does having paintings help boost creativity? There are several ways, but in essence, having real art in your environment works as inspiration that can spark the imagination. Looking at art also encourages self-expression, in spaces where people are given the freedom to express ideas you cultivate a working environment that will more likely yield innovative ideas and solutions. Many studies have also shown that good art stimulates the brain, increasing neural activity in places associated with problem-solving. So, art is getting you fired up to come up with innovative solutions, but an art-filled environment is also conducive to relaxation and reduced stress levels. Which circles back to allowing more creativity to flourish. At Gallery Sorelle Sciarone we curate artwork that elicits positive emotions, such as joy, curiosity, and awe. We do not shy away from the problems in the world, but we do curate work that is beautiful and serene at first glance, on top of being a jumping board to consider our world and how we live in it.


Overall, art has the potential to boost creativity by inspiring new ideas. Especially the art curated here at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. The paintings encourage self-expression, stimulating the brain, promoting relaxation, and eliciting positive emotions. By incorporating art into your office space, you can further optimise your workspace to tap your creative potential that generates innovative solutions to problems.

"Desert" (2016) by Marko Klomp in a Conference Room. 

"Desert" (2016) by Marko Klomp in a Conference Room. 

2. Art Reduces Stress

We already mentioned how having paintings, or any type of art, reduces stress. This was in the context of how art boosts creativity, but it warrants further explanation. There is plenty of research that has shown that viewing art can reduce stress levels and promote a sense of calm and relaxation. This is beneficial in high-pressure work environments, but also in hospitals.{1} Studies have found that viewing art can reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone linked to stress. Viewing art shows an increase in oxytocin levels, which is a hormone associated with relaxation and well-being.{2}

Taking a walk-in nature also helps but might be more difficult for people living in cities or having difficulty finding time in between meetings or being physically unable to leave their space due to physical restrictions.

Additionally, researchers at the University of Westminster, UK, found that people who had control over the art in their work environment reported lower stress levels and greater productivity compared to those who had no control. This suggests that allowing people to choose or have input in the art displayed in their work environment can have a positive impact on their well-being and job performance. It could be that offices that invest in art, also invest in their people, feeding into a circular loop because offices with art are a positive working environment. It has also been shown people that who have control over their work is a key psychological factor to overall happiness.

But another article published by the University expands on how a quick lunchtime visit to an art gallery in London during your break lowers cortisol exponentially.{3}

Altogether looking at art, especially landscapes and seascapes are beneficial to significantly lower cortisol levels.

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{2} Martin, Lily et al. “Creative Arts Interventions for Stress Management and Prevention-A Systematic Review.” Behavioural sciences (Basel, Switzerland) vol. 8,2 28. 22 Feb. 2018, doi:10.3390/bs8020028

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"Halo" (2020). Fiona J. Williams in a contemporary Brownstone.

3. Art Enhances Productivity

So, when you are relaxed and inspired, it also means you are more productive. Not per se that you are working harder or more. In a beautiful aesthetic office, your mind can wonder while looking at beautiful artwork. In this foray, your stress is lowered, and your creativity is boosted. Being captivated by a painting is more beneficial than staring at another small screen when you feel you need to take a break from your work. So, it is not per se the painting that allows the break, you still need a break. However, it does lower your stress levels enough for those short moments you cannot leave your desk but do need a break.


You also have a beautiful environment which might motivate you to be present in the office space as well as being a jumping board for you and your colleagues or clients to have a chit chat. Paintings can also communicate the values and identity of a company, creating a sense of purpose and connection for employees. When people feel connected to the mission and identity of their company, they are more likely to be motivated and productive. The choice you make in artwork and the colours that dominate the paintings abstract or figurative affect the mood and identity of those in the office.

"Voet van Notre Dame" (2015) in a waiting room. Adéle du Plessis

"Voet van Notre Dame" (2015) by Adéle du Plessis in a waiting room. 

4. Art adds personality

Paintings and other art communicate a sense of identity. Artwork can add character and personality to a workspace. Making a space feel more inviting and personalized. This can help people feel more connected to their workplace and promote a sense of belonging. As well as used as a jumping board to casual conversation with colleagues and clients, which allows for better interpersonal contact.

My favourite example of this at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone is that someone bought an artwork from us. It was used in the background of their Zoom calls. The person in question attended a Zoom conference with her peers in her field in 2021. Before we knew it, we had a slew of orders in for other pieces by this artist. All the art collectors from the same field, in different parts of the world. This bought us all so much joy, from the art collectors to the artist and me.


The beauty of this, is that each painting was made by an artist, one which we hand selected because of the dedication to their craft and the beauty of their work. Buying art from a gallery, you buy art. Each piece is exquisite in their own right and because they are handmade, none of the artwork was the same, different colours and sizes were chosen by each person. The only connecting factor was the style and the artist. Most art gets found through friends and acquaintances; whose judgement we trust. When these ladies meet again at a conference in person, I know they will have a lot to talk about with each other, outside of their expertise conference—allowing them to take a well-deserved break before doing innovative research in their field.

Three paintings by Dutch artist Thea van Doorn. FLTR

Three artwork by Thea van Doorn on the wall.

FLTR: Tuinrust, Afspraak and Tuinfeestje.

 Female figurines for sale, but please contact us in regards to them. Price indication €300,00 - €600,00.

5. Art Creates a Positive Impression

Displaying art in your office can communicate a sense of professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail, which can impress clients and contribute to a positive image for your business. Well-chosen artwork can also strengthen your brand and intangible messages towards others. Art can say so many things, words and actions cannot always encompass. Well-chosen artwork with depth and beauty communicates subtle messages about our person, and our values and allows us to engage in meaningful discussions. Art no matter the size, especially the pieces curated at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone adds a sense of sophistication to every space.


But why will art create a positive impression? Art gives voice to the intangible unsaid, it can evoke emotions and create a connection with viewers. Art is a conduit for deepening a conversation and relationship. By displaying art in your office, you can create a welcoming and inviting environment that makes a positive first impression on clients and visitors. And this is after it has benefited you in lowering your stress level and boosting your creativity and productivity.

Additionally, art can serve as a communication and conversation starter. Which allows a way to build connections with clients and colleagues. By displaying unique and interesting artwork, you can create opportunities for discussion and engagement, helping to foster positive relationships and partnerships. By incorporating paintings into your office space, you can create a welcoming and engaging environment that sets a positive tone for your workspace.

Photograph by Nicole Sciarone. Limited Prints. Available with inquiry only.

Photograph by Nicole Sciarone. Limited Prints. Available with inquiry only.

Art in the Workplace: A Productive and Inspiring Investment for a Happier Work Enviroment

Having art, whether paintings or sculptures in your office can provide a number of benefits that can contribute to a more productive and enjoyable work environment. We also highly recommend combining it with lots of greenery and plants. Art can boost creativity, which is particularly beneficial for industries that require innovation and problem-solving. It can also reduce stress levels and promote relaxation, creating a more positive and productive work environment.


Displaying art in your office can also make a positive impression on clients, showcasing your professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail.


Furthermore, artwork adds personality to a workspace. Adding paintings creates a more inviting and personalized atmosphere that can promote a sense of belonging and connection for the people working and meeting in this space.


If you're interested in exploring the benefits of art for your office, whether that is at home or in person offices, take a look at Gallery Sorelle Sciarone's collection and find the perfect pieces for your space. Let the power of art work for you! We highly recommend the artwork by Marko Klomp for their size and their themes as well as Adéle du Plessis artwork for their size, but also sense of whimsy.

So who is telling you all this? Tascha Sciarone is a classically trained Art Historian who has also pursued studies in business administration, pedagogy, anthropology, law, and development during her time at Leiden University. Tascha has combined her diverse formal studies in the development of Gallery Sorelle Sciarone, which reflects her keen interest in promoting emerging artists and connecting art enthusiasts with their work.

Art Historian Tascha Sciarone taking a selfie of her at Frankfurt Discovery ARt Fair in 2022.

Art Historian Tascha Sciarone taking a selfie of her at Frankfurt Discovery Art Fair in 2022.

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