Left Behind III - Zandloper | Marko Klomp | Waterscape and Wildlife Painting

Left Behind III - Zandloper | Marko Klomp

  • Contemporary artist: Marko Klomp
  • Title Artwork: Left Behind III - Zandloper
  • Series: Left Behind
  • Year: 2019
  • Technique: Oil in Linen
  • Genre: Seascape and Wildlife Painting
  • Size 100cm x 80cm 
  • Unframed
  • 4.500,00

Left Behind III | Marko Klomp | Oil on Linen Seascape and Wildlife Painting

Left Behind II is part of a new series Marko Klomp started in 2019. In each of these painting, Marko Klomp paints in his signature sfumato style a vast landscape with a singular animal figure. The work in this series is very large, and the sense of isolation is painfully poetic in each piece.


In Left Behind III, we see the beach on a wet and grey day. Most of the painting is wet sand leading to the ocean. On the sand, we see one marine bird. Further, into the painting, the waves crash into the beach in Marko Klomp's signature 'soft focus' style. Only the bird is painted "in focus". The closer you go to the painting, the more abstract the work becomes. You can never fully see the details, only by looking from it at a distance, does the painting become clear. Impressionists and Old Dutch Masters used this technique in their paintings. They did it with loose fluid brushstrokes, forcing your eyes to complete the painting. Marko's paintings are delicate layers of oil over more layers, more akin to pop art or geothermal images. The blurriness of the painting makes it a fantastic landscape painting to behold. It becomes a fantasy landscape in which each viewer has to finish the painting with their own mind. Each of Marko's paintings is therefore incredibly soothing. Only sparking agitation, as you will never be able to see the detail of the work. The closer you get to the painting, the more abstract it becomes, and you lose sight of the landscape. I am sure there is a metaphor in that. But I will not be overly redundant.


Marko Klomp is a talented contemporary oil painter who creates beautiful and magical paintings in his studio in The Hague. In his paintings, he captures the essence of our time in each of his paintings. To own one of his paintings is to own the zeitgeist of our time.

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