Left Behind IV (Lone Penguin) | Marko Klomp

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Left Behind IV (Lone Penguin) | Marko Klomp | Seascape and Wildlife Painting

  • Contemporary artist: Marko Klomp
  • Title Artwork: Left Behind IV
  • Series: Left Behind
  • Year: 2019
  • Technique: Oil in Linen
  • Genre: Seascape and Wildlife Painting
  • Size: 100cm x 120cm 
  • 5.000,00

Left Behind IV | Marko Klomp | Seascape and Wildlife Painting

Left Behind is part of a new series Marko Klomp started in 2019. In each of these paintings, Marko Klomp paints a vast landscape with a singular animal figure in his signature 'soft focus' style. This series's work is extensive, and the sense of isolation is painfully poetic in each piece. Each painting is dramatic and comforting. Marko has the talent of balancing ambiguity with perfectly capturing an essence. He makes art; each painting can live a thousand lives. His paintings are a vessel for exhaustive analysis and enjoyment. Every day a new painting arrives, with the sun's change, the political climate or social issues. 


In Left Behind IV, we see a penguin on the edge of a piece of ice. A greyish, white glacier looms in the background above the penguin and the grey ocean. It is a very darl monochrome painting in varying white and grey scales. It is cool and cold, and you can feel the polar environment.
The oil painting is large and will be a central piece in any room you put it. It is sophisticated, cool and- the beauty of this painting is in its coldness.

This painting is perfect for a minimalist or monochromatic interior.

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