Plants | Adéle du Plessis | Still life

Plants | Adéle du Plessis | Still life

  • Contemporary artist: Adéle du Plessis
  • Title Artwork: Plants
  • Year: 2021
  • Technique: Oil Painting
  • Style: Botanical Painting, Still life Painting
  • Size: 60cm x 50cm 
  • 4.950,-


"Sketch of a Tree in a Jam Jar" by Adéle du Plessis 

"Plant" (2021) is an oil painting by contemporary artists Adéle du Plessis. Adéle often zooms in on everyday life objects and elevates them to art subject. "Plant" is close up of one of the many little plants gher daughter had cultivated. This growing sapling is painted with vivid oil colours as they emerge out of the painting. In real life this sapling is smaller than a few centimeters. The blues, greens and brown are vivacious in this painting. 

It is an excellent example of Adéle well known broad brushstrokes that immortalises small moments and things. 

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