Anthologima 13 | Marko Klomp | Figurative Painting

Anthologima 13 that will forever be escapemental | Marko Klomp | Figurative Painting | Urban Landscape Painting

  • Contemporary artist: Marko Klomp
  • Title Artwork: Anthologima 13 that will forever be escapemental
  • Series: Anthologima 13
  • Year: 20200
  • Technique: Oil in Linen
  • Genre: Figurative Painting, Landscape, Waterscape
  • Size: 100cm x 120 cm 
  • 7.500

Anthologima 13 | Marko Klomp | Figurative Painting

"Anthologima 13"or "that will forever be escapemental", by the Dutch artist Marko Klomp, is a breathtaking work of art. It captures the essence of natural beauty in a serene manner. From the lush green forests to the shimmering lake and the picturesque pier, every detail of this masterpiece is carefully crafted to create a stunning visual experience.


The painting's use of out-of-focus or "sfumato" techniques is a bold and innovative choice. One Marko has been using for years, that adds a dream-like quality to the piece. By blurring the edges of most of the landscape evokes and almost ethereal, otherworldly feeling. This technique draws the viewer's attention to the central figure sitting on the pier, their toes dangling in the cool water below. The bridge in the background provides a sense of depth, inviting the viewer to explore the painting further.


Anthologima 13 combines Marko Klomp's long history of female portraiture and his landscape series with wild animals from his "Left Behind" series. It is a beautiful weaving of his diverse creations in one exquisite painting. Also note how the dress and the sky have the same colour blue, bringing focus from the girl to the sky to the bird of prey. Absolutely masterfully done.


From the sky our eyes discover the bird of prey gliding in the air. And as our eye roams the tree branches in the upper right corner become the focal point. The leaves are painted with such exquisite detail that they seem almost alive, adding a sense of motion and energy to the otherwise still landscape. The contrast between the sharp, detailed branches and the blurred background creates a mesmerizing effect, drawing the viewer's gaze back to the central figure and the tranquil scene they inhabit.


We have also heard from people that the first thing their eye is caught by is the highly detailed leaves, wherein that becomes the main focal point of the painting. Depending on what you value, Marko's composition will lead you on a journey through the painting to discover new elements. I think this makes the painting pure poetry.


This painting is a stunning work of art that captures the beauty and serenity of nature coupled with three main characters. The girl in the pier. The bird of prey in the sky and finally the branches in the foreground.  It is a true testament to the Marko's skill and creativity, in which he weaved his entire ouevre into one grand painting. I am sure that this will leave a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of viewing it.



Painting steel base.

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